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Welling Medical Practice


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  1. Review titled Terrible frontline staff

    Rated 1 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 08 April 2022

    After trying to call the surgery 20 times, I managed to get through to the automated message and was then on hold for 40 minutes. I gave up waiting and thought I’d go into the surgery after work to book an appointment. Every time I have been in the surgery, I am left standing there like I am invisible for some time. When the receptionist finally spoke to me, I was told that I could only book an appointment between a certain time. I mentioned that I tried to call but was on hold for 40 minutes and her response was ‘that’s because we are busy’. Staff are rude, unhelpful and shouldn’t be working as frontline staff. No communication skills and definitely do not work efficiently. I have asked for the complaints procedure but have yet to receive a response. Surgery needs to be closed down.

    Visited April 2022

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  2. Review titled Poor communication and attitude

    by hahajopo1 - Posted on 10 May 2021

    I had a cough just before Christmas (not Covid related) which lasted well over 6 weeks and the antibiotics did not work so after a telephone consult the doctor told me to go to the hospital for an x-ray and informed me I would not need to book an appointment and just turn up (which i did think was odd) so of course I assume the doctors must of booked an appointment for me, turn up at hospital no appointment available but luckily the staff at the hospital were really nice and still took me for a x-ray and tell me the results will be with my surgery in a few days. 4 weeks pass and I don't hear anything, I ring the surgery to see where my results are during the day and the person at reception cannot give me my results as its not the right time in the day (lol) but I could call back after work (4pm) to get my results then, so I ring again (after being put on hold for about 40mins) and get told by another person on reception that the first person should not of told me that and I would have to ring back in the morning and also they might not even have my results yet. It wasn't until I actually got very angry with the second person, who in my opinion was very rude to me, that they gave me my results (which they did have after all) which were fine in the end. I was just very angry that a) they did not book me an appointment at the hospital or at least tell me I would have to it and b) have my results for since the x-ray and basically it seemed like the staff on reception couldn't be bothered to go and get them. I've been mucked about and treated awfully so many times with this surgery it's not even funny, including an incident where I was having a smear test done and another nurse just barged in without even knocking and opening the door really wide so anyone walking past at the time could see into the room I've left reviews about this place before but I've finally moved and will be signing up to a new surgery.

    Visited January 2021

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  3. Review titled Frustrated

    Rated 2 stars out of 5

    by James Monaghan - Posted on 14 January 2021

    Received text message reminder of appointment which I had no previous knowledge for next day at Welling Medical Practise. Had to stand outside in the rain as someone was in the reception area. Was informed that the appointment was by telephone( not mentioned in the text.) By the time I arrived back home I had missed the call. surely it would not have been too difficult to add the fact that it was a telephone appointment in the sent text and avoiding the confusion that followed by my attendance at the practise. Also I was very concerned as I had no idea why I would have had to attend the Practise in the first place.

    Visited January 2021

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  4. Review titled Appalling "service"

    Rated 1 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 09 October 2020

    I booked an appointment following surgery over two weeks ago.At the time I was advised by the consultant who performed my operation to make an appointment with my GP for 14 days from the operation as soon as possible which I did. Having called the Welling practice twice to confirm the appointment as it was not showing on Patient Access , I was told that it had been booked at the Welling Practice. When I reported for my appointment I was told it was at the Avery Hill practice which I had not been told about and it was impossible for me to get there in time. The receptionist claimed she could not rebook the appointment but referred me to Erith Hospital on the Saturday. This cost me £20 in taxi fares as that hospital is not easilly accessible by public transport from where I live. This could have been avoided had the receptionist bothered to check in the morning when I called to double check the appointment. This is not the first time this practice has messed me about with appointments. Last year following a leg injury I was advised by staff at Queen Mary Hospital who treated me to make a series of appointments at the practice for my dressings to be changed. The reception staff refused to do this and I had to complain to the practice manager who told me there was no reason why the reception staff should have refused to make the appointments and she made them for me.

    Visited October 2020

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  5. Review titled Worst Surgery in Welling!

    Rated 1 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 20 August 2020

    I do not know who is leaving the great reviews! Terrible surgery. Admin staff are diabolical and outright lie to patients, lose correspondence, very unhelpful. No urgency with regard to life threatening symptoms. Visited A and E after Doctor could not come out and was admitted to QE for 2 weeks!

    Visited July 2020

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