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  1. Review titled Terrible

    Rated 1 star out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 04 March 2024

    Not being able to book an appointment via the phone is crazy, automated message says it’s due to the contract with the NHS crazy that this is the only doctor surgery in this area. That actually has that said contract. So I filled out an E consult for my daughter as it’s a follow-up from E consult, explained what was needed explained it needed to be with the same nurse practitioner that prescribed for her last time. Been offered a telephone appointment for 10 days time. This isn’t routine e consult my daughter is in subculture discomfort, I feel sorry for the staff that work in reception under staff and under paid all the time. I will need to contact 111 and take up their valuable appointments jusy so I can get my daughter yhe help she needs. Shocking

    Visited March 2024

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    Review titled Atrium Health Centre

    Replied on 13 March 2024

    Dear Patient I am sorry that you feel our system is terrible, however you are able to book certain appointments over the telephone. We are asking for requests for GP appointments to be made via an eConsult following GP request to ensure that they can review your full and detailed information so that you can be signposted to a correct appointment and treated as quickly as possible. Unfortunately as you have not come through our complaints system I cannot investigate your complaint as fully as I would like as I have no patient details via this anonymous message, therefore if you would like to contact our reception direct (via we can investigate and look into the reasons why you were provided with an appointment in 10 days time. I would also like to say that we, like many practices within Dorset, are struggling with demand for GP appointments, however unlike others we are still able to offer appointments within a 2 week timeframe, whereas some surgeries are unfortunately stretching to between 4 and 8 weeks for reviews. This is an unfortunate state and I know that none of us want to be in this situation, but we are all providing as best a service under these difficult circumstances. Regards Lisa Fall Business Partner

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  2. Review titled Inconsiderate

    Rated 3 stars out of 5

    by Anonymous - Posted on 22 September 2023

    Two weeks ago, I was given a telephone appointment with a GP for Tuesday afternoon. I stayed in by my phone from 11.30 am onwards to ensure I had good mobile phone signal. At 17.35, I hadn't been called so rang the surgery to check whether I had been forgotten or needed to be patient. I was informed that the GP was sick, so I wouldn't be getting a call. I was rebooked in for 3 days time with another GP. I was very disappointed that a text or call wasn't sent to me to inform me that my phone appointment had been cancelled. If I need to cancel an appointment, I am expected to inform the surgery and would do so out of common courtesy. There was no apology from surgery staff. In my own experience, reception staff in this surgery are not so busy to not have the time to inform me of the cancellation. Whenever I have made an appointment, I am immediately informed of the details by text. Of course staff spent more time dealing with my phone call than a quick text would have taken This is extremely inconsiderate.

    Visited September 2023

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    Review titled Atrium Health Centre

    Replied on 25 September 2023

    Dear Patient I am sorry to hear of the confusion around your planned telephone call. We sometimes have GPs go off sick and need to rearrange patients booked within their clinics. At these times either a text is sent or a telephone call is made to each patient on the list to ensure that they are aware their appointment has been changed. Unfortunately, as you have posted this anonymously we cannot investigate further to find out what happened in your particular case, so if you would like to email our reception team on we can look into this in detail. Regards The Atrium Health Centre

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  3. Review titled First Class Service

    Rated 5 stars out of 5

    by BRIAN HUDSON - Posted on 22 June 2022

    I have had to contact this surgery quite a few times since March of this year for specific conditions in addition to the routine checks of my blood sugars and repeats of prescriptions. My experience has been that the various Doctors involved have listened to my information, have got back to me in a matter of a few hours and have responded with consultations ( including three face to face in a period of 8 weeks), tests, referrals and medications. All the doctors and ancillary staff have been friendly, caring and very responsive. I thoroughly recommend this practice and the doctors who staff it. Thank you all.

    Visited June 2022

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    Review titled Atrium Health Centre

    Replied on 23 June 2022

    Dear Mr Hudson Thank you for your kind review. All our staff work hard to ensure that our patients are treated with respect and their requests are acted upon quickly so it is lovely to receive this feedback. I will ensure that our GPs and staff see your comments. thank you again Regards Lisa Fall Business Partner

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