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Switch profiles

As a parent, family member or carer, you may be able to manage services for another person by switching to their profile. This is also sometimes called having a linked profile or having proxy access. It needs to be set up by a GP surgery where you and the other person are both registered. You can then switch profiles using the NHS App or by logging in through the NHS website. 

Setting up a linked profile

Your GP surgery will need to set up a linked profile. Both you and the other person need to be patients at the same surgery. Your GP surgery will guide you through registration.

You'll need to provide identification. This is so they can confirm who you are and check it’s appropriate for you to act for the other person.

Depending on the level of access your surgery agrees to give you, you may be able to switch profiles and:

  • book an appointment for the other person
  • order a repeat prescription for them
  • view some or all of their GP health record

How to switch profiles

To act for another person who you have a linked profile for:

  1. Log in to the NHS App or website.
  2. Select Switch profiles on the homepage.
  3. Select the name of the person you want to act for.
How to know when you are using a linked profile

When you have switched to a different profile, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the screen. It will include “Acting for” and the person’s name. You will also see their name as the main heading on the homepage.

How to switch back to your profile

When you have finished using services on behalf of another person:

  1. Select the Switch back to your profile link in the yellow banner at the top.
  2. Select Switch to my profile.

Managing access to your profile

Your GP surgery can help you manage access to your own profile. This includes deciding what services other people can access for you and removing access to your profile.

Access to your profile as a younger person

If you’re a young person, you may have questions about who has access to your profile as you get older. Before a child is aged 11, their parents usually control access to their health record and online GP services. When the child is aged between 11 and 16, parents may be allowed proxy access to their child's online services, if the GP surgery agrees this is appropriate. This access ends when the child reaches the age of 16.

If you are aged 13 or over, and you are registered at a GP surgery in England or the Isle of Man, you can access your own profile in your NHS App.

If you're aged between 11 and 16, and you have questions about who can access your health record or online services, contact your GP surgery.

Page last reviewed: 6 December 2023
Next review due: 6 June 2025