Freedom of information (FOI) requests

The "About us" section on this site contains a wide range of information about the policies, structure, governance and performance of the NHS website.

Before submitting a request under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, please check the "About us" section as the information you seek may already be published. If you make an FOI request for information that is already published, then you will simply be referred to the published source.

All FOI requests relating to the NHS website are handled by NHS Digital, which publishes a Freedom of Information Disclosure log that holds copies of responses to previous FOI requests submitted to NHS Digital. There may be information held in the disclosure log relating to the NHS website that you may wish to review before submitting an FOI request.

NHS website data and content resources

While information and data that is already published cannot be subject to an FOI request, you can download extracts of our latest datasets in a re-usable format – see "Data downloads" on the NHS website datasets page.

If you require data not provided there, use our Contact form to request it. You can also request details of resources used in the development of specific pieces of content.

For longer-term strategic usage of NHS website published data, to be re-used in a specific context, we suggest that you consider using our syndication service, through which a great deal of content and data is already distributed.

Making an FOI request

Freedom of Information requests must be made in writing by post, fax or email.

Email your FOI request to or write to:

Information Governance Compliance Team
NHS Digital
1 Trevelyan Square
Boar Lane

You should provide your name, an address for correspondence (email or postal) and details of the information you want. Please be as precise as possible about the information you require as this will make it easier to find.

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