Marilyn's story

Marilyn Adams, 62, a receptionist, had her varicose veins ligated and stripped.

"I first noticed my varicose veins after my son was born in 1978. They must run in the family as my mother and sisters also suffered from them.

"I had always been quite proud of my legs. I taught line dancing for 10 years and often wore fairly short skirts, but as I got older my varicose veins got worse. As they got lumpier I became very self-conscious of them and wore support tights to conceal them.

"My evening job involves a lot of standing. I serve drinks from behind the bar in a hotel and my veins were uncomfortable when I was doing this, as well as unsightly. When I discussed it with my doctor, I was referred to a specialist who said I would feel and look much better if they were tied and stripped.

"I went into hospital early on a Wednesday morning and the surgeon marked up my veins. I had a general anaesthetic, so I don't really remember much about the surgery.

"When I came round I had a cup of tea and a piece of toast and then a friend drove me home. I had the rest of the week off and was back at work the following Monday.

"It didn't take long for me to be back to normal, thank goodness. I do a lot of walking with my dog and I love rock and roll, so I wouldn't have enjoyed a long recovery period. But I wasn't stuck at home as I was able to drive within just a few days.

"For me, the operation was really successful. My legs don't ache any more and best of all I've got rid of the horrible lumpiness. In fact, two years ago I was a Dawlish Calendar Girl and my legs were used on the cover of the calendar. We raised more than £2,000 for charity."

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