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Type 1 diabetes in children

If your child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, they'll be looked after by a children's (paediatric) diabetes care team until they're around 18. 

The care team will help with the things needed to manage your child's type 1 diabetes, such as injecting insulin, testing blood glucose levels, and diet.

They can give advice on school or nursery, and talk to your child's teachers and carers. 

You'll have appointments with the care team every 1 or 2 weeks at first. When you're starting to manage OK, these will be every 3 months. 

This guide is for people over 18. 

Helpful information for children with diabetes

DigiBete is a website for people under 18 with type 1 diabetes, their parents and carers.

Diabetes UK has information on children with type 1 diabetes.

The type 1 diabetes charity JDRF has information for young people living with type 1 diabetes.

Page last reviewed: 14 May 2018
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