Money, work and benefits

How to pay for care and support, and where you can get help with costs.

Paying for your own care (self-funding)

What you need to know if you are paying for your own care.

When the council might pay for your care

What you need to do for your council to pay for your care.

Personal budgets

If you get social care funding from your council this option gives you more control over how it is spent.

Direct payments

If your council pay towards your care, you can choose to receive and spend the money yourself.

NHS continuing healthcare

NHS funding for social care for people with long-term complex health needs.

NHS-funded nursing care

NHS funding for care by a registered nurse for people who live in a nursing home.

Benefits for under-65s

Financial support for working-age adults with disability or illness.

Benefits for over-65s

Financial support for older people with a disability or illness.

Work and disability

Includes your rights, looking for work, government support and how employers can help.