Scurvy is treated with vitamin C supplements, which can quickly improve your symptoms.

Some symptoms, such as joint pain, will usually resolve within 48 hours. Most people will make a full recovery within two weeks.

Once your symptoms improve, you should be able to get enough vitamin C by eating a healthy, balanced diet and you'll no longer have to take supplements.

Read more about preventing scurvy.

Referral to a specialist

You may also be referred to a health or social care specialist to address the underlying reasons for developing scurvy in the first place. The type of specialist will depend on the underlying cause. For example, you may be referred to a:

  • dietitian – if your scurvy is caused by a very unhealthy diet and there are no underlying factors
  • social worker or occupational therapist – if your scurvy is caused by an inability to cook for yourself due to disability or poor health
  • gastroenterologist – a doctor who specialises in treating digestive conditions, such as Crohn's disease, if your scurvy is caused by this type of condition
  • psychologist – if your scurvy is associated with a mental health or behavioural condition, such as depressionschizophrenia or anorexia nervosa
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