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Dementia Information Service

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The Dementia Information Service guides you through the time after a dementia diagnosis, which can be difficult. The emails can support you if you have just found out, or accepted, that you or a loved one has dementia.

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Dementia emails week by week

Each week's email will cover a different need-to-know topic, including:

Understanding dementia

Essential information about dementia, including what do to after a diagnosis and where to turn for advice.

Get the best dementia healthcare

Find out about the treatments available and how to get the most out of healthcare services.

Dementia at home

How to make sure someone with dementia is as comfortable as they can be at home. Plus how to get help at home and use technology that can make life a bit easier.

Finance and legal

Advice on how to organise financial and legal affairs for someone with dementia, and how to make plans for the future.

Get the best social care

Information on what help is available from social services and how to get the most out of it.

Carers: looking after yourself

If you're looking after someone with dementia, who's looking after you? Find out where to turn for help and support.

Page last reviewed: 30 June 2021
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