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Convenience stores - case studies

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Booker Premier, Bedworth

Booker Premier, Bedworth, is a 1500 sq ft store that has been trading since 1935. It is very much a community store, but did not offer any fresh fruit and vegetables. Owner Assaf Thandi joined the programme because of the opportunity to increase his chilled space at the front of store for fruit and vegetables.

Photo showing before and after use of POS material

Assaf Thandi of Booker,
Premier said:

"Customers are really pleased that we are now selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Sales are now £100 per week from nothing and are continuing to grow. We have learnt a lot from the programme and will be distributing the leaflets to tell customers that they no longer have to travel into Netherton to buy their fruit and vegetables."

Costcutter, Mansfield

Mr Odedra has owned the Costcutter store at Mansfield for over two years and was looking at how his store could become a greater part of the community. There is a large primary school opposite the store but the retailer did not know how or have the confidence to make contact. He did not sell fruit and vegetables previously. The programme helped him make contact with the school and key community groups.

Photo showing POS material in the Mansfield store

He went to great lengths to make the launch event a success, even arranging for his family to dress up as giant fruit to promote the healthy eating message. The local police and hockey team turned up and took turns to cycle on a smoothie pedal bike. Outside, Mr Odedra put on a hot food stall selling filled healthy pitta breads and gave every child from the school a goody bag filled with fruit and a leaflet on healthy eating. Local press attended the launch.

NISA B&J Supermarkets

Arjit Dulay Singh is the owner of B&J Supermarkets in Oldbury. He has been selling fruit and vegetables for over 18 years and sources his product from Nisa and the local Birmingham wholesale markets. Previously, he offered 1m of chilled produce and 3m of ambient produce towards the back of the store. With business support from the programme’s project co-ordinator, Arjit agreed to extend the space allocated to chilled produce and relocate at the front of the store. He now stocks a total of 80 lines of fruit and vegetables.

Photo showing school pupils enjoying fruit

Owner of B&J Supermarkets,
Arjit Dulay Singh said:

"Absolutely fantastic! We cannot believe the difference this has made to our business. We have increased our sales by £500 per week. The programme has helped us put fruit and vegetables as a centrepiece and has shown our customers that you can still come to a convenience store and buy what you need for a healthy meal. Now we wish we had done it sooner!"

Costcutter, Portreath

Photo showing before and after use of POS material

Owners Ian and Andrew from Costcutter said:

"I would recommend a retailer to be part of the Change4Life scheme. Customers are interested in buying a wider range of healthier foods locally, the ambient stands and chillers look great and stand out within the store.

We have seen an increase in the sales; we expect over time the sales will grow even more."

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