Online patient feedback: making it count 

Get tips and advice on how to make sure you're heard when giving online patient feedback.

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Transcript of Online patient feedback: making it count

NHS Patient Feedback. Making it Count.

Your feedback can help the NHS improve

and help other patients choose where to be treated.

Here's how you can make your feedback count.

Be constructive.

Give enough detail to make your feedback useful to people reading it

and staff receiving it.

If you were not satisfied, what could be improved?

Did the staff treat you with respect?

Was the medical care up to standard?

Were the facilities clean and comfortable?

Be balanced.

Even the best organisations have flaws and the worst have good qualities.

So try to caputre both.

If you had a bad experience, were there any good parts?

And if things went well, could anything have been better?

Be fair.

Don't make accusations you can't back up.

Avoid making assumptions about people's motives.

Tell us about your own experiences.

Not what you have heard from others.

Be civil.

Try not to make it personal. Most staff are trying their best.

Don't shout.

The NHS wants to hear from you.

We really do value your feedback.

Thank you.

To find a service and leave feedback go to or


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