How do I introduce sleeping in a bed? (18 to 30 months) 

Health visitor Melissa Green talks about how you can introduce your child to sleeping in a big bed.

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Transcript of How do I introduce sleeping in a bed? (18 to 30 months)

How do I introduce sleeping in a bed?   Melissa: “There are no hard-and-fast rules for moving your baby from a cot to a bed. Do it when it feels comfortable for your child and for you. From 18 months, you might find that your child is too big for a cot or is trying to climb out, and they might fall on the floor.   That's the time to move them into a bed. For some children, moving from a cot to a bed is really exciting and they accept it really well. For other children, you might need to choose a calm time in their life. They might feel a bit stressed moving from the cot to the bed and especially times of upheaval, for example, if you're moving house, if you've gone back to work or if your child is not feeling well.   You may need to move your child from a cot to a bed if you have another baby on the way. The imminent arrival of another baby is not the time to move your child, because that might make them unsettled. So, do it about six to eight weeks before your baby is born. When you put your child in the bed, you need to bear in mind that they may get up in the night and wander around, so childproof their room.   Put a stair gate across the door, check your room for any electrical appliances or wires they could trip over, any small toys or objects they can get hold of or any cord blinds that they could get tangled in. You might want to put a cot side up that tucks under the mattress or put cushions on the floor in case they fall out. If your child doesn't like the bed initially and they want to protest, just stay calm, reassure them, give them a cuddle, but put them back in the bed.   You might find that you have to do it a few times, but if you're consistent, they'll soon get used to being in the bed. When your child has slept in the bed, or had some naps in the bed, praise them because it can make a big difference to their confidence and they'll feel much more willing to sleep in the bed if you praise them for what they've done.”    


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