Tendonitis: an animation 

Tendonitis is a painful condition caused by swollen or injured tendons in the body. This animation explains the condition in detail.

Find out how tendonitis is diagnosed

Transcript of Tendonitis: an animation

Tendonitis is a painful condition

caused by swollen or injured tendons in the body.

Tendons are tough, fibrous cords that connect muscle to bone.

They are situated in different parts of the body...

..and are easily visible around the wrist...

..and ankle.

Tendons allow your muscles to contract and withstand tension

during stretching,...


and bending.

They are surrounded by a protective sheath, or synovium,...

..allowing free movement.

If your tendons become injured or diseased,

they may become swollen and painful.

This is known as tendonitis.

If these symptoms affect the tendon sheaths

the condition is called tenosynovitis.

Tendonitis and tenosynovitis usually occur at the same time,

but either can occur on its own.

Tendonitis and tenosynovitis

are both signs of the body's natural protective process,

known as inflammation,

which causes pain but actually helps the body to heal.

During inflammation there is a build-up of fluid,

causing swelling at the injured site,

increased blood flow, causing redness and heat,...

..increased chemical release near nerve endings, causing pain.

Inflammation can also cause weakness in the affected area

and you may not be able to move the tendon or its muscle.

Tendons generally lose their elasticity and become weaker over time,

making tendonitis more likely in the elderly,

but it can affect any age group.

In addition, overuse of tendons may cause tiny tears of the tendon fibres.

This type of injury produces the same symptoms as tendonitis

but without inflammation.

For this reason, many experts now use the term "tendinopathy"

to describe tendon injuries collectively.

Tendinopathies can affect any tendon in the body

but areas commonly affected

are the shoulder, wrist, fingers,

thigh, knee or heel.

Treatment of tendinopathies includes:


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