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0151 336 6629 The Optician, 9 The Cross, Neston , Cheshire, Cheshire, CH64 9UB

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Exceptional care

My husband has used this service for many years and has always had excellent care. Last week he was on his way to a chemist for some eye drops due to a re occurring eye problem that often needs antibiotics. He popped in to ask for some advice and was offered an appointment for a full assessment the same day. Luckily he accepted - his retina was observed as torn and detaching by the optician.

Despite the late hour, the optician continued to demonstrate exceptional caring. It was arranged for my husband to be seen at the local hospital with urgency. The optician actually took my husband to the hospital to ensure my husband continued to receive the help and support required to prevent treatment delays. The optician remained calm and reassuring - consequently my husband was not overly stressed and felt fully supported.

As a consequence of the optician's assessment we feel confident the damage to my husbands sight will be minimised. However, the optician's actions demonstrate the care they deliver is above and beyond.

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 19 March 2017

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