CSE: what is child sexual exploitation? 

Child sexual exploitation is when people use the power they have over young people to sexually abuse them. In this video series experts explain who is most vulnerable, typical behaviour patterns of the abusers and how to spot the signs. You'll also get advice on what you can do if someone you know is at risk or has been a victim of CSE.

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Transcript of CSE: what is child sexual exploitation?

CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION:WHAT IS CSE? CONSULTANTIN GENITOURINARY MEDICINE Child sexual exploitationis when a child or young person is knowingly or unknowinglycoerced into sexual activity that's inappropriate for their age. ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18IS STILL A CHILD HEALTH SPECIALIST, NATIONALWORKING GROUP FOR TACKLING CSE The young people are often groomedby the giving of gifts or money, or drugs and alcohol. But the purpose for the adult is toexploit that child for sexual purposes. HE TOLD ME HE'D BE THERE FOR MEWHEN HE GAVE ME THE PHONE AND THAT I'M BEAUTIFUL,WHEN HE GAVE ME THIS It sometimes involvestrafficking young people. It sometimes involvesa grooming process that befriends them, though sometimes alsoit can be more brutal than that. INTERNAL TRAFFICKINGIS WHEN SOMEONE IS MOVED FROM ONE LOCATION TO ANOTHERWITHIN THE UK, IRRESPECTIVE OF DISTANCE In exploitation, you've got individuals,you've got groups and you've got gangs, and all three of thosemay be involved in exploitation. And all of them may be online,or all of them may be on the street, or both of those issuesat the same time. GANGS:CSE IS NOT THE PRIMARY PURPOSE, BUT MAY BE USED AS A WEAPONAND/OR A FORM OF CONTROL GROUPS: CSE IS THE MAIN FOCUSAND ACTIVITY CSE is a child protection issue, and as we say in all elements ofsafeguarding, then it's everybody's business. MANY DIFFERENTHEALTH AND CARE PROFESSIONALS HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY IN PROTECTING CHILDRENFROM SEXUAL EXPLOITATION The perpetrators can be male,they can be white, they can be black, they can be of different cultures. As can the victims in this situation. Boys are victimsof sexual exploitation as well. Women are involvedin perpetrating sexual exploitation. I think it would be fair to saythat there certainly isn't evidence that women are as involved as menin sexual exploitation, but there are certainly cases of womenbeing involved in sexual exploitation. And some of them have been in the media, but the media cover themin different ways. People from all walks of life are both victims and perpetratorsin this as well. So it's not socio-economically driven, although there may be impactson certain communities that are greater than others. It doesn't relate to any particularreligion or ethnic group. It really is in everybody. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOWYOU CAN HELP PROTECT CHILDREN FROM SEXUAL EXPLOITATION VISIT:www.nhs.uk/cse


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