What's it like breastfeeding in public? 

Mothers talk about how they breast feed in public and share their tips on ways to do it.

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Transcript of What's it like breastfeeding in public?

What’s it like Breastfeeding in public?

Jane: The first few time I fed in public, I was really, really nervous. I thought people would be staring at me, looking at me, I thought people might come and say something

Sam: I think when it’s your first as well, it’s quite hard to get your head round the fact you have to go out in public and feed your baby, it’s like nothing you’ve ever done before.

Shona: I think as well you’re feeling quite self conscious aren’t you? About your body, and you don’t want to start getting body parts out in front of the public.

Jane: In actual fact, the more you build up your confidence, the easier it is to breastfeed in public, I think. And in actuality, nobody really notices, I don’t think, because I use a breastfeeding cover when I’m feeding Thomas, mainly because he gets distracted by noises and people talking. I just find a quiet corner of a coffee shop or a bench if I’m in a shopping centre or a changing room, because a lot of shops, if you ask them politely, you can go into a changing room to feed them.

Shona: The only place I wouldn’t have done it is in a public toilet because I just think it’s unhygienic. You wouldn’t go and eat your dinner in there, so why should your baby go and be fed in there? Some people still, I think, expect you to do that.

Sam: I think it helps if you’re in a group as well though, you feel a lot more empowered when you’re with someone else who’s doing it, and I think if you’re on your own, you have to tackle everybody.

Jane: I think it’s important you should know it’s illegal to say anything to a breastfeeding mother, ‘cause it’s your right to be able breastfeed in public, and you should be able to just feed your baby without anybody hassling you.

Shona: I had more confidence with my second, because not very many people I found, with my first, because he’s 10 now, breastfed in public, when I had my daughter, there were quite a few more places, and there were more ladies breastfeeding.

Jane: The best thing to do is to plan ahead and try and wear clothes you can feed in, even if you haven’t got a particular breastfeeding clothes, I think, layer up and wear lots of tops, so you can pull one top up, one top down, and you don’t have to actually expose.


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