My child will not settle to sleep - what can I do? (9 to 30 mths) 

Health visitor Penny Lazell describes some of the things you can do to help your child settle to sleep.

Find out more about getting your child to sleep.

Transcript of My child will not settle to sleep - what can I do? (9 to 30 mths)

My child will not settle to sleep – what can I do?   Penny: It doesn't matter if your baby doesn't settle to sleep, if it's not a problem for you or for your baby. But if it does become a problem and you both start suffering, there are some tips we can give you.   If your baby is going to bed at the same time as you and you want your baby to go to bed earlier, you can start your bedtime routine as normal, but start to bring it forward by about 10 to 15 minutes a week until you get to your desired time.   A bedtime routine shouldn't be too long. Start off by having a bit of wind-down time. Then take your baby up for a bath. Your baby's bath time should only be about five minutes, 10 minutes at the most.   Don't make it too exciting for them. After the bath, take them into the area they are going to sleep rather than back into the stimulating environment they've been in during the day.   You may want to read them a short story before putting them to bed, but try not to rock them to sleep or let them fall asleep with you. Try to put them into their cot awake. Tuck them in, give them a good-night kiss and walk away. If they start crying, try not to go back to them immediately.   You may want to leave them for five or 10 minutes, but go back in and soothe them and tuck them in again. Try not to lift them out of the cot or take them out of the bedroom. Try to put them back to bed very quickly and very quietly.   If they get up, it's important to take them back to bed again. You are in control of this. If you take them into your bedroom or downstairs, they will think this will happen every night.   If your baby is quiet, it probably means your baby is asleep, but your baby might have only just gone to sleep. So just leave them a little bit longer and then go and check on them. Changing sleep routines takes time and effort on your part. Just remain consistent and be firm, and you will get results.    


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