How and when should I do pelvic floor exercises? 

Midwife Chantelle Winstanley explains how to do proper pelvic floor exercises and when you can practise them.

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Transcript of How and when should I do pelvic floor exercises?

How and when should I do pelvic floor exercises?


Chantelle: Pelvic floor exercises are really important in pregnancy and we advise that you start them as soon as you find out you are pregnant.


The pelvic floor muscles extend from the pubic bone at the front right the way back to the base of the spine.


Pelvic floor muscles hold the pelvic organs in place and that includes the bladder and the body’s under an awful lot of strain in pregnancy through the weight of the uterus. So it’s important you do the exercise to prevent incontinence and this can happen when you laugh, when you cough, when you sneeze or even if you’re jumping up and down on a trampoline.


You can do your pelvic floor exercises without anybody knowing by following these simple steps. Just find a comfortable position either sitting or standing. And it’s like the sensation when you’re trying to stop a wee. Although we recommend you don’t do this when you’re actually urinating.


What you need to do is clench your muscles in quick succession and we call those fast exercises and you can do this 10-50 times depending on how strong your pelvic floor are three times a day. Or you can clench and hold for a little longer, if you can hold for up to 10 seconds that’s great.


If you’re having difficulty performing the pelvic floor exercises speak to your midwife for other options available.


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