Aerobics for beginners 

Have your water bottle ready and start moving. This class is ideal for people who want to try out aerobics for the first time and is a fun way to improve your fitness.

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Transcript of Aerobics for beginners


Good evening, guys. Welcome to InstructorLive.

My name is Leigh and this is your beginner's aerobics class.

So, for this class you're going to need a towel, water

and if you have an exercise mat at home, that as well.

We are going to go down on to the floor just for a few minutes at the end

to do some ab work.

Other than that, it's all on our feet, OK?

So, I think we're ready to start.

Let's just start with a gentle aerobic warm-up.

Those of you who have just logged in, welcome to InstructorLive,

this is your beginner's aerobics class.

We're going to start with a nice march doing a gentle aerobic warm-up

like I do for most of my classes anyway.

The only difference is we're going to carry on with the aerobics

for a good 35 minutes.

So we are going to keep moving.

If you need a water break at any point, do take one.

Don't get worried about me saying you'll keep moving,

it isn't going to be too intense.

It is designed to be an aerobic warm-up.

It's not going to be any high, intense intervals or anything like that

like I do in some of my other classes.

So, while we're marching, keep that belly button into the spine,

keep those shoulders away from the ears.

That's it. For those of you who are new to InstructorLive,

if you look to the top right-hand side of your screen,

you will see a comment box.

That is there to utilise throughout the live classes.

You can ask me any question, comment on whatever you want throughout that class,

or these classes.

If you are doing it on the archive for the first time,

then if you have any questions,

get in contact with us after you've done the class

or during, whenever,

by email or on one of our internet sites

like on our Facebook page or our Twitter or Instagram, OK?

So, enough of me chatting,

let's take these feet wider while we warm up.

Great. So, the beginner's aerobic class

we have designed for you guys who are new to fitness

or you're just getting back into things and want to take it nice and gently

to get you back into the swing of things.

Just roll those shoulders.

So, like I said, not too crazy.

I will offer harder alternatives for those of you who want to work harder.

Take it forward.

But, yeah... I hope it helps you get back into the swing of things.

Let's bend and point, reaching side to side, warming up that spine.

This is the second week, we're going to run this class for eight weeks.

So I am going to start with the... With the... What am I talking about?

I am going to start today with the routine that we started last week.

I will break it down again, don't worry.

We won't go straight into it.

And then we'll add a little bit at the end of it.

And we'll keep building on it.

So we're not doing the same movements the entire time.

Let's reach up and over.


But if you are new to the exercise, or, like I said, getting back into it,

and you want to do the full eight classes,

hopefully by the end of the classes,

I will have made it a little bit more difficult, OK?

So you will feel like you're starting to work harder and progressing each week.

So hopefully, by the end of the eight weeks,

you'll feel ready to do some of the harder classes on the website.

Good. Let's change this to a double.

What we're doing here is warming up hamstrings, the backs of those legs.

Kicking that bottom with the heel. That's it.

Pulling those arms back.

Hands and fists.


Good, two more.

Watch the change.

Heel forward.

Add a bicep curl.

Any time we're leaning forward or bending forward with that spine,

really engage that stomach.

It's going to protect our lower spine.


Give me four more each side.

Three... two... one.

Here we go, step and touch. Side to side.

That's it.

Great. Watch the change. We're leaning down to the side.

Keeping that stomach in, belly button to the spine.

Nice and tight.

Lift that elbow up nice and high.

Fabulous. Give me four more.

And three...

..two... one...

Good, back to the step and touch.

Four more.

Two, one. Double tap.

That's it.

OK, lift those arms up above the head. Hands and fists.

This is a shoulder press.


Like I said, whenever you want a drink,

please feel free to just grab it whenever you need one.

But I will give you little water breaks.

So try and hold off.

Just so that you're getting the most out of the class

and you are moving as much as you can

whilst I'm moving, too.

Good. Watch the change with the arms.

Lateral raise up and down. Control them, don't swing them.

Keep them nice and strong.

Good. Back to a single march.


So we are going to go into that routine that we started last week.

I will break it all down for you. We'll start with a march.

For those of you who did it, we did the marches forward and then two jacks.

Marches back, then two jacks. But don't worry about it.

Let's do it nice and slowly first.

We'll do lots of them and then break it down and do it quicker.

So... after four.

Three, two, OK, we are going to do eight marches.

Seven, six, five, four...

Changing this to a half jack, here we go.

Tap it out.

OK, it's just tap out and in.


It's called a half jack. Half of a jumping jack.

That's the idea.

We will change this to a full jumping jack later on.

It's just a lateral raise with those arms.

Keeping that stomach in.

Good. Give me four more.

And three.

That's it, two more each side.

Yes! Back to marching.

That's it. Eight more.

Four, three... Half jack, here we go.

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

That's it.

Four, three, two, jack.

Two more each side.

That's it. And jack. I mean, march.

There we go. What's she talking about?

And four, three, two, back to the jack.

Four, three, two...

We're going to cut it in half. Here we go for eight, march.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, four jacks.

Four, three, two and again, let's repeat that.



One more like this.

Good, jack.

That's it. We're going to half it again.

Four marches, two jacks. Here we go.

Four marches, four, three, two, two jacks.

Keep it going like this. Excellent.

All coming back to you?


A few more like this then we'll add the travelling.



So two more.

Last one. Good.

Just hold it here. Basic march.

If you need a sip of water, get one now.

What we're going to do is change it to that travelling motion.

Walking forward for four then two jacks on the spot.

Walk it back for four, two half jacks on the spot, yeah?

OK, let me count you in. After four.

Three, keep those shoulders back, body upright

and four, three, two, two jacks.

Take it back.

Yeah? Walk it forward.

Four, three, two and half jack.

That's it.

Good. A few more like this. Then we'll leave it for a while.


Last one.

Good. OK, let's just hold it here.

Step and touch side to side. Excellent.

Four, three... We're going to change this to a double step-touch.


We've just done it in the warm-up.

Yeah? Getting it? That's it. Good.

So, for those of you who did last week,

we changed this double tap to a grapevine.

A grapevine is the same rhythm, it's just two counts side to side.

But what it is with the feet, we do side, behind, step, together, OK?

I'll do it in a second. Here we go.

It is, side, behind, together. Side, behind.

Side, behind.

If anyone needs me to go over this slower, please ask.

I don't mind at all.

Side, take the leg behind and tap together.


If you want to work a little harder, we're adding the arms.

Up above the head.

Anything over the heart is making that heart work harder.

We will aim to do more of this as the weeks progress.



Give me eight more. Eight... and seven...

If this is too complicated and you're just getting your feet in a cafuddle,

just change it back to the two step sides, yeah?

Like I said, it's the same rhythm so it doesn't matter.

You'll still be doing it with us.

So it won't throw you.

Good. I've lost count. I think we've done more.

Take this back to a march. Good.

So, we do grapevines and then we go into the step knee up.

Let me show you. Keep your feet marching whilst you're watching.

It's just a step, knee.

When you're lifting that knee up,

bring it as high as you can without the body going forward.

Keeping that stomach in nice and strong.

Up, up. If you want to leave the hands on the hips, that's fine.

I don't mind at all.

Those of you who want to work harder, reach up and down with those arms.

Like I said, anything above the heart is making you work a bit harder.

Good. Good.

Good. Give me eight more, guys.

If it's too much with the knee up, you can just do a step-tap.

Not a problem at all, and just do the arms if you want. OK?

The knee is a little bit more advanced.

You'll get there if you can't do it already.

For eight, and seven...

Good, keep that stomach in, don't let it go.

Five... four...

..three... two... one.

Straight into grapevine. Here we go. Yeah?

Good. Or just your two sidesteps.

And side, behind, step, together.

Step together.

Give me eight more.


Last six.

Four... and three...

Two... Step-knee, here we go. Straight in.

Eight more.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...

Grapevine for four.

And three...


That's it.

Knee up for eight, seven...

Four, three, two, grapevine for four.

That's it. Two more.

That's it. Give me eight knees. Step on it and knee.

Six, five, four, three, two...

Let's cut it in half. Two grapevines.

That's it. Four knees. Step, knee.

Three, two... Grapevine for two.

Yes! There we go. This is what we're sticking with.

Four, three... Grapevine. Do it two more times.

Then we'll add them together.

Good. And again.

OK. Three, two... Shake it out.

I'm going to have a sip of water. If you want one, grab one now.

We're going to add that march forward...

..with the half jacks to the grapevine.

And the knees. OK?

After four, three, two... Let's go forward.

One, two, three, four, half jack. Take it back.

Four, three, two... And jack.

Grapevine. For two. Step and knee.

And four, three... Straight forward. Here we go.

For four.

Good. Tap, side. And back.

Yes. Grapevine, for two.

One. Step-knee for four.

We're going to do it two more times then we'll go to something new.


Good, and back.



Last time. Come on, guys. And forward.




Step and knee.

Four, three...

Let's march it out. Great, well done.

OK, we are going to go into that box step.

A box step is four steps.

Forward, forward, back, back.

The idea is you're making a box with your feet.

That's why it's called that. I'll do it nice and slowly.

Going forward, forward, back, back.

OK, let's speed it up.

Forward, forward, back, back.

Yeah? Join in when you're ready.


You're starting with one side the whole time.

Good. Four more like this.

And three...

..two... Watch the change. Hold it there.

We tap it. On the last one, we tap it and we start on that leg.

So that's how we change sides. Let's go.

Forward with the opposite leg first.

Good. Join in when you're ready.

Good. Eight more.



Well done. ..six...

Three... two...

Ready? Tap it here.

And eight...

Six more and then we'll tap and change.


Good. Two... Ready?

Forward, forward, back, tap.

Yeah? Got it?

That change can sometimes be a little bit fiddly.

If you want me to go over it slower, I do not mind.

Just pop it in that common box.

Four, and three... two... one.

Tap, change for four. Add the arms if you want to.

Up, up, down, down. They follow the feet.

One more, here we go. Tap and change.




Tap and change. Yes.

For two. Change.


That's it. Keeping it for two.

And again.


And forward, forward, back, tap. Forward, forward, back.

Back on that leg. Good.

Remember, if the arms are too much up, keep them down.



Just a few more like this. Get it into the body.

It'll be second nature before you know it, this box step.

Some people call it a V-step.

That's how you might know it.

Good. Give me four more.

Four... and three...

That's it. ..two... Let's march it out. Excellent.

OK, I think we've got that.

What we are going to do is add on our squat,

step out and squat, and back in to that V-step.

So, we are stepping out to the side into squat position.

Bring those feet a bit further than hip width apart when we do.

Start with them together, bring one leg out,

sit down as if you're sitting on to a chair, stomach in, shoulders back.

Stick out that bottom, make sure you've got a curve at the lower spine.

Let me show you to the side.

Keep those knees towards the heels, not overshooting the toes.

If you are unsure with the squat technique, ask me a question.

Because it is really important we get this right.

So, what we do, feet together.

We're stepping out, we'll do it nice and slow.

Down, squat in, squat, bring the legs in together.

Just a couple more, nice and slow. And in.

Great. When you're stepping out, let's speed it up.

Make sure the weight is central.

It's equal between both legs. We're going down, in.

Excellent. Give me four more.

And three...

..two... March it out.

We're going to add those to your box step.

After four, three, two... Let's do box step.

Singles. Tap to change.

Good. Keep it going.

Give me four more like this.




Straight into that squat. And step it out, in.


Four more, guys. Here we go.

Four... Stick that bottom out.

Two... Box step, here we go.

And... forward, forward, back, tap.

Good. Four more.


..and three...


Eight squats, let's step it out.

Eight... And down.

Four more. Then we're going to cut it in half.


..two... Let's go!



..two... Step it out.

Two more.

Good. Box step for two this time.

Here we go. And forward, forward, back, tap.

Squat for two.

That's it. And...

Yes. Squat.

Last one. And forward, forward.

Forward, forward. Squat.

March it forward for four. Let's go! Add it all together!

Tap side.

I didn't warn you for that one, did I? Caught you out the blue.

Grapevine, here we go, and...


Knee, step it up.

Three... Box step, here we go!


Squat it out.

And... march it out. Well done, excellent.

We're going to do that one more time and then we'll show you...

Or I will show you the new little bit.

Let's march it forward.

Yes, tap.

Brilliant, take it back.

Grapevine. Yes!


Three, two... Box step.

Forward, forward, back, tap.

Squat it out.

March it here.


What we're going to do is bend and tap.

Yeah? That's all.

Swinging the arms.

So, control them.

Again, if it's too much with the arms up, don't worry about it.

Keep those hipbones facing forward, really point that foot when you tap.

Down, up. The harder you want to work, the more you bend down.

The more you swing your arms up in the air.

OK, so watch the change.

And four, three, two... Back without the arms.

Just bend and tap.

Four, three, two... Double step-tap to the side.

And again. Yeah?

Good. Four bend and taps.

One, two, three... Double tap.

One... That's it, bend and point.

Double sidestep.

OK. So bend and point, bend and point.

Double tap, hold it here. Bend and point.

That's it. Two steps.

Bend, point, bend, point.

Two steps.

Yeah? Are we getting that?

With the arms, two steps. Bend and point.

Two steps.

Bend and point. It's going to be easier when I show you the last bit,

you'll understand what I'm doing.

Stay with that, guys. Keep doing it with me.

Watch the change.

Bend and point. Round with those arms.

So the feet are the same, nothing changes.

Just those arms go round.

It's just two sidesteps. Yeah?


March it out. Good.

We're going to add that

on to our forward, forward, back, tap, forward, forward, back, tap.

Squat, in, squat, in. Bend, point, bend, point.

All the way round, then the other way.

Yeah? Let's march it out.

When I count you in, we'll do it.

After four. Here we go. And three, two...

Forward, box step! Here we go.

Forward, forward, back, tap. Squat.

Bend and point. Let's go! And bend, point, bend, point.

All the way round. Repeat.


Into the box step. Forward, forward.

Forward, forward. Out and squat.

Good. Bend and point. Yes?

All the way round.

Again, let's repeat. Forward.


Bend and point. All the way round.

One more like that, then we'll add it all together. Forward.


Bend and point. Whoo! That's it. All the way.

Circling those arms.

March it out. OK, well done.

So are we ready to do it all together? I think so.

It's pretty much the same as last week,

just that bend-point all the way round added on to the end.

After four, three... Let's go forward!

Four, three, two, half jack.

And back.


Lift those arms up, nice and controlled.

Step it knee. Four... three...

Box step, here we go.

Forward, forward. Forward, forward. Step squat. Out.

Ready for that bend and point. Here we go.

And reach it up. All the way round.

That's it, and bend and point.

From the top, let's march it forward.


Excellent, guys. Coming back.


Step-knee for four.

Three, two... Ready? Keep that knee up. And forward, forward, back, tap.

Squat it out.

That's it.

Bend and point. Reach it up!

Up, all the way round.

Up, up, all the way round, have a drink.



We're going to keep doing it

and I'm going to show you how to make it a little bit harder.

So these marches, we can change to a jog.

Four, three, two, one. Yeah?

Four, three, two, one.

OK. Also, what you can do is change the half jacks to full jacks.

Four jogs, full jacks. Let's try it this time. Let's go.

Forward for four, three, two... Full jacks. Take it back.

Good, grapevine. Same thing.

Step and knee. Lift it up.

Four, three, box step forward.

And reach it up, step, tap.

Squat down.


Bend and point. Here we go. Reach it up, up, all the way round.

And tap, ready to jog forward. Yes!

And four, three, two, jack.

Take it back. Four, three, two and jack.



Step and knee.

Forward, forward.


Step it out and squat.


Bend and point. Reach up, up, all the way round.


Back to that jog.

If you don't want to jog, you don't have to.

You can keep the half jacks as well if you want to.

Or full jack if you're ready. Grapevine, give me more welly.

Jump it together if you want.

Step and knee. These can change to hops if you want.

Forward, forward. Stays the same.

Step out and squat.

Bend and point. Let's reach it up.

All the way round. Good.

Forward for four.


Take it back.

Good. Grapevine.

That's it, guys. Come on, last little bit.

Step and knee. Remember that hop if you want to.

V-step, up, up, down, tap.

That's it. Squat down.

That's it. Bend and point.

Good. Jog!

So good.



Step-knee. Three, two... V-step!

Step it out.

In, out. Bend and point.

All the way round. Good.

All the way round. Hold it here.

I'm just going to show you something to make it a little bit harder again.

When we go forward for those V-steps,

we can go, forward, forward, jump it back. Yeah?

Forward, forward, two little jumps.

You can try that. Some people prefer to do that.

Forward, forward, jump, jump, forward, forward, jump, jump.

Then you squat down and in, squat down and in.

If you don't want to do that, just keep the same.

It's all the same rhythm so you won't go out of time with us.

Yeah? March it out. We're going to do it all over again.

A few times, then we're down on the floor to work those stomachs.

Yeah? After four.

Four, three, two... Let's take it forward, jog.


And back.



Or hop-knee, whatever you're choosing to do.

OK, those V-steps.

Forward, forward, jump, jump. Step it out. Squat!

Good. Bend and point.

Really get down, reach, all the way round.

Use those arms, control them. Up, up, all the way round.

Hold it here, march.

Yeah? And let's do it again.

After four, three, two more times. Forward, jack.

Straight back to back.

Grapevine. Here we go.

And up, together.

Step and knee.

Three, two, V-step. Here we go.

Forward, forward, jump, jump. Or just forward, forward, step, step.

Step it out and in. Bend and point.

Let's reach it up, all the way round.

Good. Ready? Straight into that jog!


Remember, you can just do the half jack, I don't mind.

Or full jack. Grapevine.

Good. Step and knee.

Four, three, two... V.

Step it out and squat.

In, keep those shoulders back, in. Bend and point.

Last one, guys. All the way round.

Reach, reach, all the way round.

Let's step and touch. Single, single.

Excellent. Well done. Let the heart rate come down.

We'll do a few static stretches stood up,

then we'll go down on to the floor,

work our stomachs and do a few floor stretches.

Then you are finished.

Just take it to a march.

Remember, when you want a drink, grab one.

Four, three... Watch the change.

We're going to stretch out those hamstrings.

Put one heel forward and bend that back leg.

The weight is in that back leg.

Really stick that bottom out up into the air.

Tummy in to support that lower spine

and feel it all down the back of that leg.

Excellent, roll it up.

Other side. Good.

And roll up.

OK. Let's balance on one leg.

Stretching out the quadricep muscle.

Reaching back, keeping those knees together,

stomach in, reach out for balance.

If you want to lean on your table or wall to keep yourself stabilised,

not a problem at all.

As long as you're feeling the stretch in the front of that thigh

then it's all good with me.

Good. And swap sides.

Also, if you hold your ear, it's meant to help with balance.

I'm sure you all know that.


OK, let's release that.

Let's stretch out the calves, then we'll go down on to the floor.

I want you to turn to the side, take one leg back,

keep that heel on the floor.

Very important cos we're stretching out this calf.

Reach forward with that body.

Keeping both hipbones facing forward, shoulders back.

You're aiming to get a straight line from the back of the heel

all the way to the top of the head. Leaning forwards,

but the main thing is to keep that back heel on the floor.


Good. Up and over, other side.

Nearly there.

Excellent, guys. Shake it out. Grab yourself your towel.

Put it on your mat if you've got one.

If you haven't, just pop your towel on the floor.

OK, have a sip of water if you want one.

Let's work those tummies.

It's not too intense.

If you're wanting a tummy workout, there's lots on the site.

There's one class that I think is called Six Pack Chick Abs

that's designed just two work that core.

If you want to blast that, go and do that class.

OK, so keep those feet flat on the floor,

knees are up in the air, 90 degree angle here between the legs.

Hands at the temples for the highest level.

If this is too difficult, let me know and I'll show you the easier versions.

If you want the easier versions and you're doing it on the archive,

go to week one, I broke it down then.

So, starting with the back arched,

what we're going to do is bring those shoulders,

just a basic ab crunch, bring those shoulders off the floor,

pushing that back into the floor.

We're going up and down.

Up, down.

Keeping that stomach in, squeezing that belly button to the spine.

Imagine you've got a ball between your chin and your chest.

Keeping that neck in alignment.

Exhaling on the way up, inhaling on the way down.

That's it. And in, out, in... Lovely, guys. Keep it going.

Really squeeze at the top.


Eight more.

This song always reminds me of my brother.

When he was younger, he used to always sing it on karaoke.

It was his favourite song to sing on karaoke.

I don't know why I just told you all that, but there you go.

Bit of my family history.

Good. Give me four more.

And four...



Hold it up, we're just going to press. And little pulses.

Up, up. Keep it squeezed in tight.

Give me four more.

And three...


We are going to do a second set of that so go back to the singles.

Down, up. That's it.

Make sure you're pressing that lower spine into the floor when we go up.

And watch you're not doing anything like this.

No. Keeping that chin away from that chest.

Try not to hold the breath,

it's very common with a sit-up that you will do that.

Eight more. Come on! Up!





..and three...


Hold it up. Little pulses.

Eight more. Eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two... And relax.

OK, let's put those legs into the air. We're going to do a few exercise...

Well, an exercise, a few reps working that lower abdomen.

Then you are finished.

Keeping the feet glued together.

Hands or palms flat on the floor.

You're going to try just using that abdomen strength, not momentum,

not swinging those legs, to lift the bottom or the pelvis up off the floor.

Lifting it up and down.

I apologise if this is really basic for some of you,

but it's really important to get this technique right.

And some of you might not know how to do this.

Which is also very common.

So lifting up and down.

Like I said, if you're looking for a harder core workout,

there's plenty of things on the site that will give you that.

OK, so you're going up and down. Up, down.

That's it, speed it up.

You've really got to keep that belly button into the spine

even though you're working the lower abdomen, not the upper abdomen.

Keep it tight. Another thing to keep the lower abdomen tight

is to imagine you're really desperate for a wee.

By holding that, you're engaging your pelvic floor muscles.

You're going to hold the bottom in the air for eight counts.

Little pulses.

Lift, seven... It's off the floor.

It might feel like you're not off the floor at all

but I promise you, it does start to get easier.

But it is a weird feeling if you're not used to doing it.

Four, three, two... Back to singles.

Down, up, down. We're just going to do eight.

Five more. Last four.

Three... two... one. Hold it up in the air.

Eight, seven, six, five,

four, three, two... And relax. Excellent.

Hug your knees to your chest, you are finished. Well done, guys.

I apologise if at any point my counting is a bit strange.

I do start counting and then I start waffling and then I lose my count.

I had a client the other day, who said I counted down from eight,

I went, "Eight, seven, five, six, four, three, two, one."

Didn't even realise.

And he went, "Leigh, you know you always add extra repetitions

of certain exercises?"

"You do know that I'm an accountant so I do pick up on these things?"

It made me laugh. Because my counting is appalling.

OK, let's lift this knee up and over. We're nearly done.

Nicky, you are very, very welcome. I'm glad you've enjoyed the class.

Great to have you in class.

So we're keeping that knee on the floor.

Arms up.

Keeping those shoulders on the floor as well.

So you're feeling a nice stretch in that chest

but you're also feeling it in your lower spine as well.

Good. And swap.

Brilliant. To bring that heart rate down, as I always say,

I'm sure it has started to come down already,

but if you're still finding it's still beating really quickly,

just try and change your breath

so you're inhaling in and out through the nose.

It will help.

So, let's push up.

Actually, let's roll round first and stretch out the abdomen.

We've stretched out our hamstrings already

so you're reaching up,

feeling that stretch all down the front of the body.

Lovely, guys. Well done.

And in your own time, that's just bring it round to the front.

We'll stretch out our inner thighs, our shoulders and our triceps

and then you are finished.

So just bring those legs nice and wide.

Or as wide as you can.

Even if they're there and you're feeling it in the inner thighs, all good.

Everyone is different.

If you can't get your elbows down, it's no big thing.

Reach forward as much as you can,

trying to keep those knees facing the ceiling.

Good. If you can, keep the legs like this while you're doing the stretch.

Really good. If not, just bring the legs where they're comfortable.

Take one arm across the chest, other arm up and under.

Or under and up, I should say.

Feeling the stretch right here.

And swap sides for me.

If you feel like you need to hold it for a bit longer, please do.

We're coming to the end of the class.


And let's just stretch those triceps.

So, well done, guys. Remember, if you are finding it tough,

even though, like I said, at the beginning,

it's an easier class, don't worry about it.

Everyone starts at different levels. Just do as much as you can.

And I promise, if you keep coming back, you will start to see improvements.

And if you're not, get in contact with me, ask me anything you need to.

I want to help you get into the swing of things with the exercise regime.

I want to help you achieve your goals.

So that is it for this evening.

My name is Leigh and I am back next week for beginner's aerobics,

the third week, Tuesday at 7:00pm.

So, until then, have a great week and I hope to have you in class soon.


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