What positions are best for giving birth? 

Midwife Michelle Hicks-Molligan talks through some of the best positions to give birth.

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Transcript of What positions are best for giving birth?

What positions are best for giving birth?


Michelle: There are various positions that you can adopt during the first stage of labour.

Upright positions are best because they relieve the pressure from your back, they help you to cope better with the pain, they align your baby in the right position, they help to open up the pelvis and also gravity helps the baby to move through the pelvis.


The props which can be used to support various positions in labour, things such as surfaces, bean bags, birthing stools, birthing chairs, a pool with water, or your partner supporting you.


There are various positions in which you can give birth but, again, it’s finding the position that is most comfortable for you.  The positions that you can adopt are squatting, kneeling on all fours – that could be on a bed or could be on a mat on the floor – could be on a birthing stool or on a birthing chair or also in a pool.  Your partner can assist you by practising the positions with you during pregnancy so that when you do go into labour it’s easier for you to get into these positions and you may have an idea of what’s more comfortable for you.  Certain drugs, and also if your baby is being monitored electronically may alter the positions that you can adopt during labour but the midwife will be there to assist you into a comfortable position which will be best for you and your baby at the time.










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