Going abroad for treatment

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, how you get access to healthcare when visiting an EU country is likely to change. If you're planning to visit on or after 31 October 2019, you should continue to buy travel insurance so you can get the healthcare treatment you need, just as you would if visiting a non-EU country. If you're using an EHIC issued by the UK, this will still be valid until the UK leaves the EU. There are a number of additional things you should consider if you want or need medical treatment abroad.

Going abroad for medical treatment

What you should know about travelling to Europe for medical treatment

Compare funding routes

Learn more information about the funding routes for getting medical treatment in Europe

The S2 funding route

The S2 route may entitle you to NHS-funded treatment in another European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland

The EU directive route

Learn about the EU Directive route to access healthcare in Europe

Giving birth outside the UK

Advice about travelling to Europe to give birth

Treatment abroad checklist

Read our guidance about the risks of treatment abroad and go through the checklist below before making a decision