Why quit?

Smoking sucks, so quitting is one of the best things you’ll ever do. Find out why now is the right time to quit.


For your health

There are lots of benefits to your health when you quit smoking. Learn more about how your body recovers when you stop.


For your family

Friends and family mean the world to you, and it will mean the world to them when you quit. Find out how quitting helps protect your loved ones from the harmful effects of smoking.


To save money

Every cigarette you don’t smoke saves you money. Saving for a holiday or new car? Use our calculator to work out how much you could save by quitting.

Take the first step

Congratulations! There has never been a better time to quit smoking. From e-cigarettes, to patches, to free apps, there’s lots of support available.

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Helpful information:


What will quitting be like?

What to expect once you stop smoking and how to handle the cravings.


Quit tips

Read our top 5 tips to help you quit.


Take the addiction test

Think you aren't addicted to smoking? Take our test.


Pregnancy and smoking

There's special support out there for mums-to-be who want to quit.


How smoking affects your body

Not all the effects of smoking are visible. Learn about the effects and how you can recover when you quit.


Is all tobacco bad?

Let’s bust those smoking myths around roll-ups, pipes and more.


Jo’s son was the biggest motivation of all to help her quit smoking. What's yours?

Thousands of people have changed their lives with Smokefree.

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Want to look good and feel even better?

Find out what health benefits ex-smokers enjoy.

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Tried to quit before?

Don't worry. We can help you stop for good.

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