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"If I can beat smoking then I can take on anything"

Jo, 32, made the decision to quit when her son told her he was worried about her smoking. Jo said that her son Dylan was the biggest motivation of all to help her quit smoking. Hearing him say: "stop smoking, mummy" was enough to make her want to stop for good.

She had tried to break the addiction several times before, but eventually did it with help from her local stop smoking service. After trying to quit smoking numerous times with nicotine replacement therapy, including inhalers and patches, she always ended up relapsing. This time she's trying a medicine named Champix (Varenicline) and it's working really well for her.

Jo has also been using her local stop smoking service and because her advisers are ex-smokers themselves, she's found their advice and support invaluable in helping her to stop smoking for good.

Finding the type of NHS stop smoking support that was right for her really helped Jo: "It will have a positive impact on how I tackle anything in life now, knowing I can do this, which is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. If I can beat smoking then I can take on anything."

If you have tried to quit before and would like to try quitting Jo's way, sign up to Smokefree.

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