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What's the Time, Elastigirl?

Can you escape Elastigirl's stretchy arms for 10 minutes?

Players: 3 or more
Where to play? Outdoors

How to play

  1. Pick 1 person to play as Elastigirl. They stand facing the wall, while everyone else lines up some distance away.

  2. Everyone shouts, "What's the time Elastigirl?" and Elastigirl shouts back a time.

  3. If she shouts "2 o'clock!", you take 2 steps towards her, and so on.

  4. If she shouts "Superhero time!", she can turn and chase you! The first person she catches becomes Elastigirl.

  5. Keep playing for 10 minutes. The winner is the person who played as Elastigirl the fewest number of times!