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The Incredibles Dodgeball

Use your superpowers to stay in the game! Dodge the ball using Invisibility or catch it in a Force Field to eliminate the thrower!

Players: 4 or more
Where to play? Outdoors

How to play

  1. Mark out a pitch with a skipping rope, cones, toys or whatever you have. Then get at least 1 ball and split into 2 teams.

  2. You cannot go into the other team's half. On the word "Dodgeball!" throw a ball at the other team. If you only have 1 ball, the teams take it in turns to throw.

  3. If you hit anyone they are out and must cheerlead.

  4. If you catch the ball you get to bring 1 cheerleader back.

  5. The game ends when 1 side has no players left. Now mix up the teams and play again! Keep going for 10 minutes