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What to do if you miss a combined pill or take an extra one

What to do if you miss a combined pill

If you forget to take your pills, or you’re late taking a pill, what you need to do next depends on:

  • what type of combined pill you’re on
  • how many pills you’ve missed
  • where you are in the pack (day and week)

Talk to a pharmacist to find out what to do, or read the information leaflet that comes in your pill pack.

You may need emergency contraception.

Emergency contraception

Speak to a pharmacist, sexual health clinic or GP or call 111, as the combined pill can affect how some emergency contraception works.

What to do if you take an extra combined pill

Taking more than one contraceptive pill is unlikely to harm you.

However, it may make you:

  • feel sick or be sick (vomit)
  • have some vaginal bleeding

Speak to a doctor or pharmacist if you get any of these symptoms.

Page last reviewed: 15 February 2024
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