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Practical tips if you care for someone

Includes advice on challenging behaviour, moving and lifting people and medicines.

Medicines: tips for carers

Includes giving pills correctly and safely, organising medicines and reviewing their use.

Sharing your home: advice for carers

Includes financial, legal and practical considerations, and alternative options.

How to feed someone you care for

Includes meals, feeding, healthy eating, eating and drinking aids, swallowing difficulties and "meals on wheels".

How to help someone you care for keep clean

Includes washing, bathing, laundry and general hygiene, maintaining dignity and continence services.

How to care for someone with communication difficulties

Includes language disorders, mutism, deafblindness, sign language and sources of help.

How to move, lift and handle someone else

Includes common injuries and how to avoid them, and help or equipment to lift or move someone.

How to deal with challenging behaviour in adults

Includes safety tips for carers, professional help and specific issues like sexual behaviour.