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Check a shielding note

Use this service if you are an employer, or from the Department of Work and Pensions, and want to check that a coronavirus shielding note is valid.

A shielding note is proof an employee is on the shielded patient list and cannot work.

What you need to know as an employer

You can only use this service to check notes that were issued via the Get a shielding note service.

Employees can get a shielding note if all of these apply:

  • they're at high risk from coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable) – they received a letter saying they're high risk
  • they live or work in an area where shielding advice is in place
  • they cannot work from home or in an area where there’s no shielding advice in place
  • they live in England

If an employee was issued a letter or email by the NHS and the Department of Health and Social Care it may not have a reference number on it, but may still be valid.

Use your discretion around the need for medical evidence if an employee has been advised to shield because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Before you start

To check a shielding note is valid, you need:

  • the reference number on the employee’s shielding note
  • the employee's date of birth
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Page last reviewed: 22 February 2021
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