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Should trans men have cervical screening tests?

Trans men who have had a total hysterectomy to remove their cervix do not need cervical screening.

Trans men who still have a cervix should have cervical screening to help prevent cervical cancer.

When trans men with a cervix will be invited for cervical screening

If you're a trans man registered with your GP as female, you'll receive invitations for cervical screening:

  • every 3 years at ages 25 to 49
  • every 5 years at ages 50 to 64

If you're a trans man registered with a GP as male, you will not receive automatic invitations. You can still have cervical screening. You'll need to ask your GP practice for an appointment.

Video: cervical screening for transgender men

This video explains what to expect when undergoing cervical screening if you are a transgender man.

Media last reviewed: 26 September 2019
Media review due: 26 September 2022

How to stop being invited for cervical screening

Contact your GP to ask to be taken off their cervical screening list if:

  • you no longer have a cervix, but still receive invitations to screening
  • you still have a cervix, but you do not want to be invited for screening

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