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How soon can I use tampons after giving birth?

You should not use tampons until you've had your 6-week postnatal check. This is because you'll still have a wound where the placenta joined with the wall of your womb, and you may also have tears or cuts in or around your vagina.

Using internal sanitary products like tampons and menstrual cups before this wound has healed could increase your chance of getting an infection.

After giving birth, you'll have vaginal bleeding, also known as lochia. It's similar to a period, but can last between 2 and 6 weeks.

It'll be very heavy at first, and will get lighter over the weeks. It's best to use maternity pads or sanitary towels during this time while your body is still healing.

Change the pads or towels regularly, washing your hands before and afterwards. Have a bath or shower every day to keep the area clean.

Page last reviewed: 10 June 2020
Next review due: 10 June 2023