Can I speak to a GP about someone else's health?

It depends whether you have the person's consent (permission).

Getting information and advice

If you're concerned about a friend or relative's health, there are many ways for you to get information and advice. For example, you can:

You could talk to your friend or relative directly if you wish to discuss their condition or treatment. Tell them about your concerns about their health, and offer help and support.

Sometimes it can be difficult for someone to see or admit they have a health problem – for example, if they have a drink or drug problem.

For more information about some specific problems, see:

Medical records

Under the Data Protection Act (1998) a person's medical records can be accessed by:

  • the person themselves
  • a parent or guardian of children under 16 – although in some cases the child may be entitled to decide if this information is passed on
  • a friend or relative, if they have the person's written permission
  • a friend or relative, if they have power of attorney

For more information about medical records and power of attorney, see Can I access someone else's medical records (health records)?

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