Where can I get abortion advice?

The decision to have an abortion can be a very difficult one. There can be a lot of things to consider, so it's important that you get all of the necessary advice and information before making a decision. If you are considering having an abortion, there are many different places you can get further advice and information from.

GP surgeries

Your GP is one of the best people you can ask for advice about having an abortion. They will be able to give you information about the procedure itself, and can talk you through all your available options. Remember that any discussion you have with your GP will always be completely confidential.

Family Planning Association (FPA)

If you don't feel comfortable speaking to your GP, you may prefer to contact an organisation such as the FPA.

Your local family planning clinic will be able to give you further advice and guidance about having an abortion. You can find your nearest clinic on the FPA website.


Brook is another organisation that can provide you with advice about abortion. Brook is a national voluntary organisation that provides free and confidential sexual health advice and services aimed specifically at young people under the age of 25.

You can find a local centre on the Brook website.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas)

bpas provides counselling, advice and abortion care to women with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they choose not to continue with. They also provide emergency contraception and free pregnancy testing. There are 40 bpas centres across England, Wales and Scotland.

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