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Make a swap when you next shop

We know kids love sugary things. But too much sugar can lead to serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, which people are getting younger than ever before, and heart disease.

We've got an easy way to cut back on sugar, with lower sugar swaps on the things we eat every day.

That means kids get less sugar, but are still happy!

Sugar swaps for kids

Do you know what's in these family favourites?

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Juice drink


Do you know what's inside this juice drink?

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Do you know what's inside this yoghurt?

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Chocolate bar


Do you know what's inside this chocolate bar?

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Fun-sized sweets


Do you know what's inside these sweets?

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Ice cream


Do you know what's inside this ice cream?

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Cereal bar


Do you know what's inside this cereal bar?

* 1 sugar cube = 4g sugar

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