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Hop on your bike, explore the great outdoors and get healthy at the same time

Fun on two wheels

Kids love cycling – it's great fun, helps them feel independent, and keeps them fit and healthy. Riding a bike helps fine-tune your child's motor skills, such as balance and co-ordination, as well as building up strength in their legs and core.

Cycling as a family makes a great day out. All you need is a roadworthy bike (either new or secondhand) that's the right size for your child, some basic safety gear, including a helmet, and a little bit of practice. After buying the bike and important accessories, there are next to no maintenance costs, so it's a very affordable hobby.

Learning to ride

Ready Set Ride, from British Cycling and HSBC UK, has more than 20 free games that go back to basics to help kids aged 18 months to 8 years learn to ride a bike.

Encouraging kids to cycle from an early age, and getting them to take their Bikeability test, will equip them with a skill for life.

Stay safe as you cycle with our top tips!

Plan, plan, plan

Find routes that avoid busy roads and suit your family's level of ability. Visit Sustrans for lots of great cycle routes around the country.


Take part in Bikeability

Bikeability cycle safety courses give kids the skills and confidence they need to ride safely on the road. Visit the Bikeability website for more information.

Look after your kit

Taking good care of your bike will keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Things to look out for are keeping the chain oiled and the tyres pumped, and checking the brakes regularly!

Find out more about cycling...

From a choice of cycle routes around the country to safety tips to help you maintain your family's bikes, our partners have lots of information to help make cycling fun for everyone.