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Your How Are You? quiz score explained

How we work out your score

We have worked out your score today by giving you points for each answer based on how closely you seem to be following the government's guidelines on eating healthily, drinking alcohol, being active and smoking.

These are not all the factors that make you healthy or unhealthy, but they can make a big difference and just require changes in your everyday choices.

In the eating section, you score points for choosing healthier options from the list of foods in the quiz.

In the drinking section, you score points if it looks like you're drinking below the recommended number of units of alcohol per week.

In the moving section you score points if you are getting the recommended amount of exercise per week, which includes strength building exercises that are essential for healthy muscles and bones.

In the smoking section, you score points if you do not smoke, as every cigarette damages your health.

We add the scores from each section together to give you an overall score out of 10.

Why the results are colour-coded

We have also colour-coded your results as red, amber or green.

Green means you seem to be following the guidelines and making healthy choices. Amber means you are making some healthy choices and following some of the guidelines, but you could probably do more. Red means it looks like you are not following the guidelines at the moment.

If your score is red or amber you might want to think about making some changes.

As well as your overall score and colour-coding, we also give you a red, amber or green colour for the 4 main parts of the quiz, so you can see how you're doing in each area and where to start if you decide you want to change something.

What you should you do if you are worried about your health

It's important to point out that we have tried to make the quiz quick and easy to do, so although we have based the questions on government guidelines, it is not a proper scientific or medical test, and it will not tell you if you are healthy or ill.

The quiz is designed to give you some basic information that will help you to take a look your lifestyle and make some healthy changes if you want to.

To discuss it properly, or if you feel ill or are worried about your health, you should speak to a health professional.