About the NHS website

With more than 48 million visits per month, ths NHS website is the UK's biggest health website, accounting for a quarter of all health-related web traffic.

We strive to be a world-leading multichannel service for everyone engaging with the NHS and social care.

Read the NHS website service proposition (PDF, 27kb).

The NHS website provides an award-winning, comprehensive health information service with thousands of articles, videos and tools, helping you make the best choices about your health and lifestyle, as well as making the most of NHS and social care services in England.

Our service search helps you find, choose and compare health, support and social care services in England. We also publish reviews and ratings across health and social care services.

Where possible, we offer online transactional services that should make your interaction with the NHS much simpler.

The NHS website also publishes daily analysis of health-related news stories that hit the headlines.

Social media is an important part of the NHS website service, reaching up to 3 million people a month via Facebook, Twitter and video channels such as YouTube.

Information on the site is freely available to everyone, and we syndicate content to more than 600 partner websites, including over 200 NHS organisations, Boots, Mumsnet and Microsoft.

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  • National Digital Leaders Awards 2014 – winner for the healthcare product/service category


  • Design Business Association Design Effectiveness Award – winner, for the 'Who Cares?' marketing campaign around Carers Direct, now Care and Support
  • National Digital Leaders Awards 2011 – NHS Choices digital health champion programme
  • International Visual Communications Association (IVCA) Awards (Web 2.0) – bronze award for the interactive video Condom, no condom? produced by NHS Choices with NHS Bristol and Omni Productions


  • National eWell-Being Award – winner for reaching digitally excluded groups, for our work with libraries
  • e-Government National Awards for excellence in learning and skills - runner-up, for the NHS Choices e-Learning website


  • Guardian Public Services Award for service delivery: carers, families and communities
  • Design Business Association Design Effectiveness Awards – bronze for the NHS Choices pregnancy planner
  • British Medical Journal awards – winner Best Innovation in Medical Communication for Behind the Headlines


  • e-Government National Awards – NHS Choices personalised online health products
  • BT e-Health Insider Awards – best use of ICT in patient and citizen involvement

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