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About the NHS website

The NHS website ( is the UK's biggest health website, with more than 50 million visits every month.

Media last reviewed: 11 September 2018
Media review due: 11 September 2021

What we do

We believe it's important that people engage with their health, care and wellbeing so they can stay healthy and help manage any long-term health conditions.

We provide thousands of clinically validated articles, videos and tools to:

  • improve people's experience of the NHS
  • help people make the best choices about their health, care and wellbeing
  • reduce pressure on frontline services

When people need help, our clinically safe, accessible and effective digital content aims to prompt them to take the right action at the right time.

We're not just a website

Millions of people also access our content through:

  • partner websites
  • apps
  • internet-connected devices

More than 1,500 organisations share our content, including other NHS websites, local authorities, charities and commercial organisations, from start-ups to large technology leaders.

With our range of APIs and widgets, we have made it simple to connect and syndicate our content.


Read more about our free syndication programme on the NHS API Developer Portal.

Social media channels

Social media is also an important part of the NHS website service.

We reach millions of people a month through:

How we work

We put users first when creating and transforming our content. We take an agile, iterative approach, starting with identifying the user needs.

We test our ideas with users, and use the feedback we receive to learn and improve.

To ensure our content is safe, accurate and up to date, we:

  • source peer-reviewed scientific research from NHS Evidence
  • must have all clinical content signed off by a member of our NHS Digital clinical assurance team

Find out more about our policies, including our content policy and how we're governed.

NHS digital service manual

The NHS digital service manual helps NHS teams design and build consistent, usable digital services that put people first.

It includes:

  • the NHS.UK frontend library
  • prototyping kit
  • design principles
  • UI styles, patterns and components
  • the content style guide
  • accessibility and other practice guidance

How we're improving

We're continuously improving the NHS website to help and empower people to engage with their own health, care and wellbeing, and that of the people they care for.


The Empower the Person roadmap sets out what's available now, work in progress and what's next.

We have already introduced a new, clearer site design that's more accessible and readable, and designed primarily for mobile devices.

Other examples of the improvements we're making include:

  • reworking thousands of pages of clinically validated content, tools and services to better meet user needs and improve accessibility
  • publishing new content on commonly used medicines
  • modularising our content to improve its availability through syndication
  • listening to data and metrics to evolve and adapt our approach

You can read more about the work we're doing on the digital transformation blog.

How to get in touch

To contact the NHS website team about anything on the NHS website:

Give feedback or make a complaint about the NHS website

To contact the NHS about something else:

Find out how to contact the NHS

If you're interested in working for NHS Digital:

Visit the NHS Digital careers page

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