Should my baby use a beaker or a cup? 

A health visitor talks about whether your baby should use a beaker or a cup

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Transcript of Should my baby use a beaker or a cup?

Should my baby use a beaker or a cup?   Kathryn: It’s a good idea to introduce a cup rather than a bottle from around-about six months onwards. Using an open cup, or a cup without a valve, will help baby learn to sip rather than suck, and this is better for their teeth. Drinks flow very slowly through a teat and quite often the children will hold the drinks in their mouth. This can then cause tooth decay and speech development problems. Comfort sucking on sweetened drinks is a major cause of tooth decay in children, so if you’re using a bottle or a trainer cup, it’s best not to put anything else in it, other than water, formula milk or breast milk. Fruit juices are not recommended for babies. As soon as your child is ready, encourage them to try drinking from an open cup, rather than a lidded beaker. Non-spill or valve cups are not recommended ‘cause they will encourage longer drinking times. By the time your baby is one year old they should have stopped using bottles with teats, otherwise they may find it hard to break the habit of comfort sucking with a bottle.


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