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Due to a contractual requirement we have to inform all patients of their named GP.  This will not change the level of care you receive and you can make an appointment with the GP of your choice at the practice

Please can you let the surgery know if you are a carer or are cared for.

Please can you let the surgery know if you are or ever have been in the armed forces or TA.

Due to contractual requirements all GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GP's working to deliver NHS services to patients in each practice .

The average pay for GP's working in Vittoria Medical Centre in the last financial year 31st March 2016 was £76,412 before tax and National Insurance.

This is for three full time GP's and 1 part time GP who have worked in the practice for more than six months.


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  • Dr Sadaf Majeed
  • Dr Robert Peter Broadbelt
  • Dr S Shetty

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Influenza vaccination clinics are now running for 2017. Please phone the surgery to book your appointment. Vaccinations for shingles are also available to find out if you are eligible for these vaccines please phone the surgery.


We will be going live with Electronic Prescribing on May 28th 2014. For more details please phone the surgery.

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On street parking is available immediatly outside of the medical centre.  The centre is midway between Conway Park and Birkenhead Park Merseyrail Stations, each about a ten minute walk away.  We are a ten minute walk away from Birkenhead Bus Station, please phone Merseytravel for service information.


Last updated on 05 November 2015.

Minutes of Meeting July 2016

Minutes of patient participation meeting july 2016

Last updated on 04 August 2016.

Minutes of Meeting May 2016

minutes of meeting may 2016

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minutes 27.5.16.docx (.docx, 13.24 KB)

Last updated on 22 July 2016.

PPG 27.7.2015




It was asked of everyone at the meeting if they had anything to bring to the group to improve upon our services to patients etc.

The Choose and Book system of referrals was brought up.  We are getting a lot of complaints from patients regarding referrals sent via The Choose and Book System.  It was explained by myself a few of the outlining problems arising one of the problems is that patients can only be booked onto the system up to short distances in the future if there are no appointments during this time the patient is deferred to provider. This means that they are sent to that particular specialist department to be triaged. The patient receives a letter (automatically sent from a national centre) informing them to get in touch with their GP if they have not received an appointment by a certain date.  This confuses the patient who then unnecessarily books an appointment with their GP.  This is a waste of GP appointments as patients, just need to be told, to wait to receive their appointment.  To help resolve this we are now handing out information leaflets telling the patient this at the point of the GP referring them.  We have also been told the average waiting time for appointments is about 18 weeks, when first the GP is requesting an appointment the wait time is always incorrect and usually a lot less than this.  One patient has been given a 6 month wait for ophthalmology?  Also letters regarding appointments are frequently not being sent correctly, patients are being sent appointment dates after the appointment date, cancellation letters for their appointments are being sent followed by letters that they have DNA.

It was decided by the group that I will keep a list of all complaints regarding Choose and Book and ask Janine the practice manager to take this to a Practice Managers Meeting. We would like to put forward a proposal for the automated letters to be cancelled or changed as to make more sense for the patients.  Appointments need to be available on the Choose and Book System for longer times into the future with extra clinics to cope with the demand.  Something also needs to be done about the incorrect appointment information being sent out to patients.  Patients are also becoming frustrated trying to get through on the phone line this is something else that could be improved upon.

A patient brought to the meeting information of a support group called Defend the NHS with a couple of e-mails if anyone is interested in joining.

For those patients who are not on the internet please phone Kevin on:- 07768671541



It was discussed that in order to help reduce waiting times in clinic it was felt that if patients have more than one problem to discuss with their GP or practice nurse if it is going to take more than ten minutes please could they make a further appointment this applies especially to emergency clinics.  We thank you for your help in this matter.

If anyone is interested in joining our Patient Participation Group please phone the surgery on 647-7321 and ask for Denise.

Our next meeting will be held in the autumn.





Last updated on 05 November 2015.


Newsletter summer 2016

Last updated on 04 August 2016.

Action Plan 15/16



VITTORIA MEDICAL CENTRE   Patient Participation Action Plan 2015/16








Choose and Book- letters from central office to be changed as confuse patients.  Letters for cancellation and appts not correct. 

Janine taken to practice managers meeting and found all having problems with same to take further  

Denise, Janine Choose and Book


Not yet needed


Janine taken to practice managers meeting, all practices to take further nationally to choose and book regarding letters and more appointments.


More appts available via choose and book waiting times too long

Janine practice managers meeting.




Janine taken to practice managers meeting

Choose and book training and insight for doctors and admin to make sure all being done from our end

Phone Rosemary booking service APH

Denise, Doctors

End of year

Free training

Denise phoned Rosemary and arranging date in January for them to come out and view things from our side and then I will attend there.  To phone IT for further training.


















































Associated document

action plan 2016.doc (.doc, 36 KB)

Last updated on 05 November 2015.

PPG Report and Action Plan 2014

PPG Report and Action Plan

Associated document

PPG Report 2014.doc (.doc, 168.5 KB)

Last updated on 05 November 2015.





We discussed the results of the audit that took place at the end of January for emergency appointment triage.  We found from the audit and the receptionists that patients do not mind being asked the reason why they are requesting an emergency appointment as this helps the doctor as long as this is not personal.  Posters have been put up to explain to patients booking an emergency appointment that it should be for one reason only as this holds up other patients trying to get to see the GP.  It was explained that the triage of appointments has helped in freeing up the emergency appointments as some patients can just have phone consultations if they are agreeable to this and sometimes, it is found that they just need prescriptions or advice and so it is more appropriate for a phone consultation.    It was also explained that only when we have no emergency appointments left would we then send patients to the All Day Health Centre in Arrowe Park Hospital and that there are other services available such as the Walk in at Miriam – Laird Street or Parkfield in New Ferry Patients can also ask their chemist for advice or the NHS helpline. 

We had a recap on the priority areas outlined by the PPG at the beginning of the year.  This year we have had two prescription audits, one before going live with electronic prescribing and one after.  Patients have found this very beneficial for them and on the whole most of the prescriptions go through well. 

We all thought that the carers open day went very well set up by Wired and ourselves and would hope to do something similar this year.  We found that it helped carers greatly knowing who could help them and give them advice.


Next meeting to be held in May.



Last updated on 05 November 2015.





I explained about the inspection visit from CQC (care quality commission) which is due to take place on November 12th 2015 and who they were and what the inspection was for:-

They are an independent group who inspect hospitals care homes GP practices to find if we are giving patients the best possible care in the best environment possible and to make sure that we have the right protocols and procedures in place.  I have asked two of the members, who were willing if they would come along on that date to represent the rest of the patient group, they will be asked their views on our surgery and how our patient group is run.  I will let them know nearer the time how long they will be here for and more about what to expect.  I will also send out to the other patient participation members a more structured information leaflet about what is happening on the day regarding the inspection.  The results of this inspection will be reported on our website

Going back to the previous month’s meeting agenda to follow up the topics raised, to update I explained :-

Regarding Choose and Book and improvements - I phoned the service and asked if it would be possible for a member of their staff to attend the GP surgery and for myself to attend their office and for us each to see how the other part of the operation is run as it was felt that this would help with development and training.  A member of their staff is going to look into this and get back in touch.  I phone our IT team to see if we can obtain an update in training for choose and book.  Janine and other practice managers have got together at their meetings to put forward to the service the need to have the national letters changed regarding being deferred which do not make sense and waiting lists for appointments improved.  I will keep you updated regarding these points.

The pilot bladder clinic for selected patients that has been held at our surgery was a great success and there is an atrial fibrillation clinic starting shortly for selected patients but hopefully these clinics may be run again in the future.

The patient group looked in reception to give their views on seating, posters, notice boards etc. They suggested that the posters we had on view had been up for quite a while and should be changed and that they should be bolder with more colour so they would stand out more, everything else was fine.

Our next meeting will be held before Christmas and after the inspection visit in November









Last updated on 04 August 2016.

minutes october 2014




It was discussed at the meeting today that we would hold another prescription audit as outlined by the patient group at the beginning of the financial year.  Since holding our last audit, electronic prescribing has been set up within our surgery.  This will help us outline any problems that patients may be experiencing with our prescribing service.  Any ideas from you would be most welcome, or if you would like to voice any concerns, or complaints regarding your prescription service.  The audit will be held the week of the 1st of December and the results will be published on our notice board, the website and facebook.

One of the patients at the meeting has asked when people attend the surgery please could they leave their dogs at home. Sometimes there are quite a few dogs tied up outside, this proves to be difficult for our less mobile or elderly patients and the little ones can often be frightened of them. We have had quite a few complaints about this.  Please for consideration of other patients leave your dogs at home.

A patient at the meeting praised the 111 phone line for the quick and attentive service that they provided for her.

Our next meeting will be in the new year.





Last updated on 05 November 2015.

minutes of meeting july 2014





It was discussed at our last meeting and again today that we would hold an open day for carers registered at our practice. We would invite carers societies to come and set up a table with information advice etc to help carers out.  A couple of dates were picked by the PPG.  I was to get in touch with WIRED-Wirral Information Resource for Equality and Diversity Ltd to arrange the open day with them.  I had a list of possible society’s that could attend and it was decided by the PPG to invite:- Alzheimers Society, Patient Advice and Liaison Service, and the Money Advice Project.  Some members offered to place posters in sheltered housing and were they lived.  It was decided that I would advertise this also in the waiting room in reception and via Facebook and our website and leaflets.


If you are a carer please attend on Wednesday 20th of August am at Vittoria Medical Centre anytime in between 9-12 am.

Last updated on 05 November 2015.

report 13/14

Report from 13/14 patient group

Last updated on 05 November 2015.

Patient Group Meeting Minutes 24.5.17

Minutes of the patient group meeting held on 24.5.17

Associated document

Appendix D Primary Care Quality Scheme 2017.docx (.docx, 18.55 KB)

Last updated on 24 May 2017.

Minutes of Meeting 23.3.17

Minutes of Patient Meeting March 2017

Associated document

minutes 23.3.17.docx (.docx, 13.92 KB)

Last updated on 24 March 2017.

December minutes 2016

Minutes of the Patient Group Meeting December 2016

Associated document

dec 2016 minutes.docx (.docx, 13.58 KB)

Last updated on 24 March 2017.

Minutes of Meeting 27.05.2016

Minutes of Meeting of Patient Group Meeting 27.05.2016

Associated document

minutes 27.5.16.docx (.docx, 13.24 KB)

Last updated on 01 June 2016.

minutes of meeting feb 2016

minutes of  patient group meeting held february 2016

Associated document

feb 2016.docx (.docx, 14.61 KB)

Last updated on 30 March 2016.

minutes of meeting march 2016

minutes of patient group meeting held march 2016

Associated document

11th march 2016.docx (.docx, 14.02 KB)

Last updated on 30 March 2016.

minutes meeting feb 2016

Minutes of Patient Group Meeting for February 2016.

Associated document

feb 2016.docx (.docx, 14.61 KB)

Last updated on 29 March 2016.

minutes meeting march 2016

Patient group meeting minutes for the 11th of March 2016 regarding action plan for CQC report regarding visit and assessment in November.

Associated document

11th march 2016.docx (.docx, 14.02 KB)

Last updated on 29 March 2016.

Statement of Intent

Patient Document, Statement of Intent for 2015

Last updated on 12 November 2015.


Spring Newsletter 2014

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newsletter2WORK.docx (.docx, 16.79 KB)

Last updated on 29 May 2014.

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