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How to register

You can register by completing a registration form which can be obtained from the practice. When you register, you may be asked to make an appointment to see the practice nurse for a new patient health check. This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure/smear tests/mammograms) are up-to-date.

Instructions on what to do with the registration form

If you want to join the practice please complete a registration form which can be picked up from reception. Please bring the completed form along to reception with your NHS medical card if you have one. The information on the medical card will speed up the process of getting your records from your previous practice, if applicable. Once you have been accepted as a patient your medical records will be transferred to us and a new medical card will be sent to your home address. You do not need to inform your existing practice that you are moving, although it may be courteous to do so.

How can patients have their say

Would you like to make a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by The South Lambeth Road Practice? If so why not send us your suggestion or place it in our 'suggestions box' adjacent to the reception counter. Alternatively you can call (020 7622 1923) or arrange an appointment to see our Practice Manager, Brian Douglass, who will gladly listen to your suggestion or e-mail

Change of patient's personal details

Please let the surgery know if any of your personal details change. It is important to note that we can only offer a full range of services to those patients who live within our practice area. It is for your own benefit that we ask you to register with a new doctor if you move out of our area.

When should I see a nurse?

Nurses based at our practice treat patients for a wide range of common conditions (e.g. minor injuries/illnesses, removing stitches, travel vaccinations, immunisations and so on). You can expect to see a nurse within 3 working days and all of them are qualified to prescribe from a range of medicines. Our practice nurses are also specially trained to run routine clinics for certain conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. (Each of our nurses specialises in a different area, so you need to book ahead with the most appropriate person). Our reception staff will be able to advise whether a nurse appointment is appropriate.

Why see a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor?

Our nurses have been specially trained to undertake healthcare monitoring for patients with long-term conditions. If patients see our nurses for routine healthcare needs or for straightforward medical help it means that our doctors have more time to see patients with more complex healthcare needs. It also means that our GPs have more time to undertake procedures, such as minor surgery, that used to be done only in hospital. The reception staff can generally advise whether an early appointment with the nurse will be satisfactory for your particular health problem. However, you do not have to inform the reception staff if you prefer to wait for an appointment with a GP.

Nursing care at home

We work closely with other healthcare professionals who are part of our Primary Health Care Team working in the community, such as the district nursing team, midwives and health visitors. These services are provided by the Lambeth PCT Primary Care Trust (PCT) and are based at other locations. You can contact them either through reception. If you have an illness or incapacity that means that you need nursing care in your own home, the district nurses will visit you. Patients who are likely to benefit from this service include the housebound, the elderly, people with a terminal illness, and those who have recently been discharged from hospital. District nurses provide wound care, palliative care, continence advice, health promotion advice and advice on co-ordinating care packages. If you move permanently into a care home locally, the district nurse may be able to continue your care. Your GP may also be willing to continue to care for you, or a number of GPs may provide services for the residents of local care homes.

Our approach to your healthcare

The South Lambeth Road Practice welcomes you to the practice. The Practice has approximately 6,000 patients from a small catchment area and occupies its premises under the Lambeth Primary Care Trust. We have four partners and one salaried GP who all share a commitment to high quality, personal primary health care. In addition to general practice, our team runs special interest clinics in diabetes, coronary heart disease, women's health, child health and antenatal medicine. We are also involved with teaching medical students and training newly qualified Doctors from Guy's, King's and St Thomas' Hospital. Our practice nurses work alongside the doctors who have special responsibility for chronic disease management, screening, prevention and the running of various clinics. Our attached staff include district nurses, a midwife, a counsellor, a Primary Health Care Practitioner, a dietitian and Portuguese and Vietnamese interpreters. The reception and administrative staff are an essential part of the Practice Team and without their efforts we would not be able to operate at the level we do. They work hard to provide a friendly and efficient service.

Patient's rights and responsibilities

As a patient you have the right to: a) be registered with a named doctor b) change doctor if desired (but please remember that you may have to see any of the doctors if your need is urgent) c) receive emergency care d) receive appropriate drugs and medicines e) be referred for specialist or second opinion if they and GP agrees f) see your medical records or a copy, subject to certain laws g) know that by law, everyone working for the NHS must keep the contents of your medical records private. With this rights come responsibilities for the public. That means being: a) courteous to staff at all times b) as prompt as possible for all appointments c) responsible for cancelling appointments in adequate time.

Who has access to patient information

We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can provide the best possible care. We have a fully computerised medical record system which means information about your healthcare is held on a secure server. You have the right to know what information we hold about you. Please ask the receptionist if you wish to see or obtain a copy of your record. If you are referred to a hospital specialist you are also welcome to request a copy of the referral letter. NHS Connecting for Health is currently developing the National Care Records Service, which will create a Summary Care Record (SCR) for each individual patient (by 2010), to be held centrally. At this pilot stage the record is limited to current medication, known allergies and adverse reactions. Eventually the aim is to enable healthcare staff jointly involved in your care, such as your GP and your hospital consultant, to easily access and share information through this national record. You have the right to withdraw your consent to information being shared. In future you will be able to access your own record online at

Policy on violent or abusive patients

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff or patients. If a patient is violent or abusive, they will be warned to stop their behaviour. If they persist, we will exercise our right to take action to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our list of patients.

Practice's comments on its performance

From the graphs below you will see that clinically we perform very well compared with both the National and our local PCT (NHS Lambeth) averages. However, there is always room for improvement.

One of our most difficult tasks is with getting patients with chronic illnesses to come in and see a Doctor or Nurse for a periodic review. Most patient do of course come in when requested but, some do not I'm afraid. We would like to stress that all patients should please respond immediately to a request from a Doctor or Nurse to make an appointment to see them.

How can patients have their say in the practice?

You can help us to improve our service by putting your comments in the suggestions box in reception.

How to feedback/compliment/complain

We welcome feedback from patients about our service. It is encouraging to receive compliments but also important that we learn from your experience to make improvements. Please put your comments in the box in the surgery, or email the practice manager Mr Brian Douglass at If you have any concerns about any aspect of our service, please let us know. Your GP, our practice manager or our reception staff will be happy to help. In most cases, concerns can be resolved quite easily. However, if you feel we have not dealt with the issues you have raised as you would wish, you can write to the Complaints Manager at NHS Lambeth Primary Care Trust (PCT) 1 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London. SE1 7NT. The PCT also operates a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) which can often help resolve any problems before they become formal complaints. To speak to a PALS officer please ring 020 3049 4444.

Last updated on 12 January 2013.

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