Look out for lurking sugar

You'll be surprised at just how much added sugar is lurking in everyday food and drink, and it builds up quickly over the day.

Sugar is lurking everywhere

How much sugar do you think is in these everyday favourites?


9 Cubes


5 Cubes

Chilled dessert

4 Cubes

Cake slices

4 Cubes per slice

‡ Based on Kantar data 2015

It starts at the shops

Spot sugar at the shops by checking the packaging – look out for colour-coded food labels as well as the other names for sugar on the ingredients list.

Use the Sugar Smart app to scan and reveal sugar on the shelves. Join Change4Life and download it today.

Finding sugar on food labels

Food labels often use red, amber and green colour coding to tell us how much fat, sugar and salt is in a portion of food or drink. Also watch out for how many grams of sugar there are per 100 grams. Looking at sugar content per 100 grams helps you to compare across different products.

More than 22.5g of total sugars per 100g is high

Less than 5g of total sugar per 100g is low - and Sugar Smart!

Look for sugar in the ingredients list on food and drink packaging. Keep your eyes peeled, because there are lot of different words to describe it:

Top tips for Sugar Smart shopping

Get the kids involved

Use the Sugar Smart app with your kids to find out how much sugar is in the food and drink on the shelves. Why not also get the kids to look for red, green and amber food labels. It makes a game of learning about sugar and keeps them busy too!

Don’t buy sweet things

If you have sugary after school snacks at home, your kids will pester you to eat them. So the simplest tip in the book – don’t have sugary snacks in the house! Skip that aisle in the supermarket and try to avoid the checkouts with loads of treats on display. And if this doesn't work, you could always shop online!

Watch the special offers

When you're shopping, it’s easy to think you’re getting a better deal with the big bottles of pop and juice, or 2-for-1 snacks. But it just means you and your kids are drinking and eating more sugar.

Make a shopping list

Talk to your kids about what Sugar Smart swaps you could make and involve them in writing a shopping list with healthier alternatives.

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