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Arch - Hillingdon

Alcohol addiction - support for family and friends

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Service details

ARCH is a free and confidential service for young people and adults who live or are registered with a GP in Hillingdon. Many people turn to drink or drugs as a way of dealing with negative feelings, such as depression, stress, trauma or anxiety. We work with people at any stage of their alcohol or drug difficulties to provide a single point of access to assessment and treatment, for problems.

We recognise the importance of providing treatment for both the substance misuse problem, as well as any associated emotional / mental health issues.

Our service includes:

• Assessment and individual personal recovery plans

• Advice and information on reducing harm

• Needle exchange

• Specialist psychosocial interventions

• Specialist pharmacological treatments for help with drug and alcohol problems

• Specialist detoxification programmes to manage withdrawal symptoms and safely wean you off drugs and alcohol

• One-to-one and group therapies aimed at getting to the core of the problem

• Motivation and support from those that have previously had problems with alcohol or drugs

• Group activities and social networks, including men and women’s groups, relapse prevention and life skills advice

• Joint working with employment agencies, training providers and housing associations to help

you get back on track

• Evening and weekend social drop-in and activities with the opportunity to volunteer and build new social networks to help your recovery.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

Catchment area

London Borough of Hillingdon

Referral method

Referrals to these teams can be made through by a health professional (GP, social worker or other) by completing the referral form.

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