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Black Widow's Secret Spy Mission

Black Widow is a trained super spy. Can you escape the enemy guards using your super skills?

Players: 4 or more
Where to play? Outdoors

How to play

  1. Divide an area in 2. Grab some soft balls or scrunch up some bits of paper and split into 2 teams – Black Widow spies vs the Enemy Guards.

  2. The Enemy Guards team throws the paper at the Black Widow team.

  3. The Black Widow team have to duck, and weave – but cannot leave their area! If you get hit, you're "out" and go to spy jail. Cheer your team on from the side if you're out.

  4. If you catch the paper, you can pick 1 "out" spy to come back onto your team. Keep going until everyone is out, then switch teams and play again!