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Food smart bangers on toast recipe

Food smart bangers on toast

Prep time
10 mins

Cooking time
12 mins

Medium effort


  • 4 reduced-fat sausages
  • 2 handfuls cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 200g closed-cup mushrooms, sliced
  • 100ml cold water
  • 1/2 tsp dried mixed herbs (optional)
  • 4 slices wholemeal bread
  • 1 pinch ground black pepper


Preheat the grill. Arrange the sausages on the grill rack and cook for 10 minutes, turning often until browned on all sides.

If you're not a meat-eater, choose vegetarian sausages. Check the salt content of sausages, and opt for ones that have a reduced-salt content.


Put the cherry tomatoes tomatoes onto a piece of foil and grill them for 3-4 minutes alongside the sausages.


Meanwhile, simmer the mushrooms in the water for 3-4 minutes, adding the dried herbs (if using). Drain off any excess liquid.


Toast the slices of bread. Slice the sausages and mix with the mushrooms. Pile onto the toast and top with the grilled cherry tomatoes. Season with black pepper, then serve.

For a more filling breakfast, serve with a portion of reduced-salt and sugar baked beans in tomato sauce.