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Find your local Stop Smoking Service

There's a free local Stop Smoking Service near you. It's much easier to stop smoking when you get the right support and with professional help, you're 3 times as likely to quit for good.

Contact your local service to check they can help you before visiting them at their address.

What to expect at a local Stop Smoking Service

Developed by experts and ex-smokers and delivered by professionals — local Stop Smoking Services provide free expert advice, support and encouragement to help you stop smoking for good.

The trained advisors offer you support in a one to one or group session. Some services also provide stop smoking medicines (prescription charges may apply).

The sessions usually start a couple of weeks before you quit, and can be done over the phone or on a video call if you cannot attend in person. 

Sessions are usually held once a week for 4 weeks after your last cigarette. Evidence shows that people who manage to quit for 28 days are more likely to quit for good.

Some local services might also offer access to other types of support such as Allen Carr’s Easyway.

How Stop Smoking Services can help you quit

Advisers are trained to deliver advice, support and encouragement that can improve your chances of quitting. 

They can tell you about nicotine replacement products and other stop smoking medicines. They can also recommend which product or combination of products could work for you.

They can support you if you want to use your own e-cigarette, also called a vape, to help you quit too.

Need a little extra motivation? Your adviser can measure the level of carbon monoxide in your body (the CO level) using a carbon monoxide monitor. The monitor shows how your CO level drops to the same level as a non-smoker's just 48 hours after your last cigarette.

If you are not in England

Smokefree support is available in England only.

For free stop smoking support in the rest of the UK, visit: