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Kickstart your health

Your health matters. We can help you improve your wellbeing by making healthier lifestyle choices.

You'll find the tools and support you need to quit smoking, get active, and lose weight.

There has never been a better time to kickstart your health. Let's do this!

More ways to kickstart your health

If you want to improve other aspects of your wellbeing, we have more great free tools to support you:

BMI Calculator

Check your body mass index (BMI).

Check your BMI

How Are You? quiz

Take this quiz for tips on looking after your health.

Take the quiz

Easy Meal app

Meal ideas, recipes, cooking tips.

Food Scanner app

Find out what's really in your food and drink.

Download the Food Scanner app on the App Store
Download the Food Scanner app on Google Play

Couch to 5K app

Running app for absolute beginners.

Drink Free Days app

For the days you do not want to drink alcohol.

Download the Drink Free Days app on the App Store
Download the Drink Free Days app on Google Play

Active 10 app

Track and build up your daily walks – start with 10 minutes every day!

Heart Age Test

Check your heart age.

Take the test

Our health matters

Better Health - let's do this!

Video transcript: Our health matters

Wake up call.

Our health matters.

Truth is, extra weight piles on extra pressure, so it's harder to fight.

Fight cancer, fight heart disease, fight COVID-19.

It's time for a reset, restart, kickstart.

Let's do more, different, better.

Let’s wake up, get up and shake up.

Slip up, trip up, and go again.

For help and support to lose weight,

Go to

Better Health, let's do this.

Looking after your mental wellbeing

Good mental health is as important as your physical health - but it can be easy to overlook.

Every Mind Matters has lots of expert advice and practical tips on looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

Answer 5 simple questions for top tips and advice in Your Mind Plan.