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Children's & Adolescent Services

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Paediatrics (Children)

The paediatric department provides care for children from birth to 17 years of age, for all illnesses. The department consists of the general paediatric wards, the neonatal intensive care unit, paediatric outpatients and the children's day surgery unit.

General Paediatric Wards

We have two wards, incorporating an assessment unit, a high dependency unit and a Paediatric day unit:

  • Acorn Ward which has nine cubicles, now operates as the assessment unit and short-stay ward, as well as providing specialist care for very young infants.
  • Oak Ward has four bays of four beds each, as well as seven cubicles, three of which are equipped to look after Oncology patients. It provides care for older children, elective admissions and those expected to have a longer stay in hospital.
  • Paediatric Day Unit has six beds and is used for most elective Paediatric day-case admissions, including blood tests and minor treatments.
  • High Dependency Unit has two fully-equipped beds for the provision of high dependency care, such as patients after complex surgery or those requiring respiratory support. 
Neonatal intensive care unit

The neonatal intensive care unit is located in the maternity block, this unit provides care for infants from the age of 24 weeks gestation onwards, including full intensive care. The unit has four intensive care, four high dependency and 10 special care cots.

Paediatric outpatients

This is a specialist outpatient department for children, located adjacent to the general paediatric wards in the Old Building of the hospital. The hospital are working towards ensuring that all children seen by any specialty as an outpatient will be cared for in this department.

Children's day surgery unit

Children who are admitted for day-case surgical procedures are either admitted to the paediatric day unit, or directly to this specialist surgical unit, which is part of the day surgery centre. Care is provided by trained paediatric staff.


Things you should know

Somerset Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Somerset neonatal intensive care unit (SNICU) is a specialised ward for the treatment of premature and sick newborn babies. The unit cares for sick and preterm babies within Taunton and the surrounding area.
SNICU is a local neonatal unit and is situated in the

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Last updated on 04 November 2014.

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