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  • Pensioner pens poem to encourage others to seek cataract treatment
  • Care UK donations help patient safety in developing countries
  • Patient assessors give Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre top marks


Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre specialises in providing NHS patients with swift access to elective and diagnostic procedures.

At Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre our priority is to ensure that you receive timely, high quality treatment in pleasant, clean and comfortable surroundings.

• Over 99% of patients would recommend Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre to a friend*
• Zero cases of hospital-acquired MRSA or MSSA**
• Short waiting times for treatment
• Free parking, free bedside television, free local calls and access to free WiFi

If you would like more information about the services available to patients at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, please visit the NHS website ( or call 0117 906 1801.

* Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre Patient Satisfaction Survey, March 2012
** Since opening in July 2005 to 31 March 2012


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Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

Tel: 01749 333600   Fax: 01749 333601

Address: Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre, Old Wells Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4LP



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Pensioner pens poem to encourage others to seek cataract treatment

Ken Rose
A retired manager from Langport was so happy following his cataract operation that he turned to poetry to help persuade others to go through with the surgery.

Prior to the 15-minute treatment, Ken Rose was one of almost a third of over 65s across the country to suffer from cataracts in one or both eyes.  Cataracts are due to cloudy patches developing in the lens of the eye which can cause blurry or misty vision.

Just a few weeks after the operation the 83 year old was back reading and penning poems. He attributes his quick recovery to the team at Care UK’s Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre, which he said has given him a new lease   of life after improving his sight.

“I had cataracts removed in both eyes last November and I can’t begin to describe the changes it has made to my life. I didn’t realise how bad my eyesight had got.”

A trip to his GP revealed his sight was deteriorating and he was given the choice, as in line with patient choice regulations, of two places to have his treatment.

The grandfather of seven said he chose Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre because he liked the idea of a more personalised service compared to the bigger hospitals. He also knew a number of people who had gone there and were happy with their treatment, along with 92 per cent of former patients who would recommend the centre to family and friends.

With a local waiting time of around four weeks for ophthalmology treatments, which include cataract extraction, it wasn’t long before Ken was in the surgeon’s chair ready to undergo the procedure.

Ken says: “Even though it wasn’t as close to home as the local hospital, I still wanted to go there because of the feedback I’d heard. It was also much quicker to get into for treatment.”

The retired pension scheme manager said his full recovery following the cataract extraction was just a matter of weeks.

“The support of my wife who gave me eye drops 24/7 really helped my recovery. Shepton Mallet had a phone number I could call if I needed to speak to a consultant and offered an extra visit when I felt I needed a follow up.”

“I was treated like a real person, not a number, and the actual procedure wasn’t at all painful for me. My surgeon Mr Javad Moayedi made the treatment as quick as possible. It was over in 15 minutes and I was allowed to go home later that day. To those who are worried about undergoing a cataract extraction I’d say just go for it! The benefits far outweigh any fear.” 

Care UK Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Moayedi says many people don’t realise they can have surgery to fix their sight: “As a surgeon, it’s a pleasure to see the life changing results these techniques can create. In many cases you can be having the treatment done within four weeks of a visit to your GP or optometrist.”       

Since recovering from the treatment, Ken has penned a new poem, which he hopes will encourage others to seek a path to clearer vision.


With my new eyes
I can see the tracery
of distant trees against the sky;
the delicacy of detail I once missed,
however hard I looked

With my new eyes
I can see the shades
unfolding in that subtle sky;
the blues, the grays, and yes the greens,
that only artists saw

With my new eyes
I can see the clarity
of colour on the white (not yellowish) page,
the lines and lineaments of faces;
images not quite grasped

With my new eyes
I can see the kindness
and the good in faces on the street.
Have they changed, or perhaps it’s me
who hadn’t noticed this

Last updated on 08 September 2014.

Care UK donations help patient safety in developing countries

Care UK’s Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre has donated four anaesthetic machines to a medical development charity that will help charities and hospitals in Africa to carry out surgery more safely and effectively.

The initiative was the inspiration of junior doctor Jodie Sage and her mother Angela, the ward clerk at the treatment centre in Somerset. Jodie, who recently qualified and is about to take up her first residency at Dorset County Hospital, spent two weeks during her training working in the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital in the Laikipia district of the Rift Valley in Kenya. The hospital only had one anaesthetic machine, causing problems in scheduling operations.

Angela said: “When I found out we had four machines that were no longer needed for our centre I immediately asked Jodie if she could think how they could be used. She put the centre in touch with Medical Aid International (MAI) who specialise in getting a vast range of medical equipment to the right medics in a country.”

The machines donated by Care UK are currently being serviced before they are sent out to hospitals in Zimbabwe, including to a new charity orthopaedic hospital where they will increase the frequency and safety of surgery.

The charity’s managing director, Tim Beacon, said: “We were absolutely delighted to receive these anaesthetic machines and the two monitors. They are absolutely perfect for this project. Some of the surgery that will be undertaken on adults and children is very complex and so the need to have high quality anaesthetic machines in a good condition is very important.

“Machines have a natural life cycle in the UK but this donation is amazingly kind and is a very effective form of recycling. We wish more hospitals would follow Care UK’s forward thinking example. It saves the charities we work with enormous amounts of money; money that can instead be used for patient care.”

Last updated on 08 September 2014.

Patient assessors give Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre top marks

Care UK’s Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre has received a 100 per cent score for its levels of cleanliness and site maintenance from patient assessors during this year’s Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) inspection.

The centre in Old Wells Road also received 96.9 per cent for its commitment to patient dignity, privacy and wellbeing and 97.9 per cent for the excellent standard of the food patients receive, all well above the national averages. 








Hospital director Chester Barnes said: “The centre’s dedicated team always strives for excellence and so they were delighted when we received the results of this year’s inspection, which recognises their level of commitment to delivering a first rate service.

“The centre has an excellent record of infection prevention, and this has been achieved by maintaining a rigorous cleaning regime and consistently reviewing performance.”

The PLACE inspections seek to ensure that every NHS patient is cared for with compassion and dignity in a clean, safe environment. The yearly assessments apply to hospitals, hospices and day treatment centres providing NHS funded care. They examine how the environment supports patient’s privacy and dignity, food, cleanliness and general building maintenance.

The inspections are carried out by a team that includes local patient assessors who are given training for the task. In Shepton Mallet, an inspection team of four people carried out the checks, of whom two were patients drawn from local patient forums. They spent all day carrying out the assessment and spoke to patients in the wards and the outpatient department as well as interviewing team members.

Reflecting on the results, Chester said: “The feedback was very positive, and we are delighted to be setting the kind of standards that are well above national levels." 

As well as advanced diagnostic services, the Care UK centre offers specialisms including orthopaedics, gastroenterology, gynaecology, urology, ophthalmology, Ear, Nose and Throat and pain management.

Last updated on 08 September 2014.

Quality of service at Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre

Friends and Family Test Score: Community

94%Patients recommend this hospital. 1784 responses.

Friends and Family Test score: Inpatient

100%Patients recommend this hospital. 413 responses

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