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24 Hours Emergency Services at Ghauri Dental Centre.

Dental anxiety management

Dental Implant

Dental domiciliary services

Emergency Service
Our 24 Hour London Dental Emergency Service is the largest and longest running dental emergency service in London. Started in 1990, we were privileged to accept patients from all the major Accident and Emergency Hospitals in London. They recommended us because of our reliability and quality when it comes to delivering a world class Dental Emergency Service.

Dental services to patients with special needs

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is the application of dental procedures (crowns, bridges, veneers and tooth coloured fillings etc) with the aim of exquisitely improving the overall aesthetics of your smile, often referred to as a "Smile Makeover", "Hollywood Smile" or "Wedding Smile". A beautiful smile can have positive impacts on an individual’s self-confidence.

General dental treatment

Teeth Whitening
Like hair and skin, teeth vary in colour. Some are yellower or darker than others, even when they are quite healthy. Teeth also tend to discolour with age. Tooth colour can be very effectively lightened with Hydrogen Peroxide (bleach), used on either the outside or inside of the tooth.

Services of a dental hygienist

Hygiene Teeth
What is it?
Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth and is not usually a sign of general ill health.
Gum disease can cause bad breath. But you could still have bad breath with good oral hygiene, and healthy teeth and gums. The smell then usually comes from the far back of the tongue. It gets stronger as you talk, as your mouth gets drier.

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