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Timperley Village Dental Practice is a modern, well equipped dental practice with three fully computerised surgeries with digital x-rays and a HTM 01-05 compliant decontamination room.

We offer all NHS treatments and a comprehensive range of private treatments such as tooth whitening, inman aligner and implants, supported by well trained, friendly staff and state of the art equipment. 

The Care Quality Commission inspected our practice on 6th March 2014. Please visit www.cqc.org.uk to read the report.

All patient treatments and services are by appointment only.


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Latest news



All of our dentists are now providing Invisalign. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position. 
Comfortable, clear and removable – Invisalign transforms your smile without disrupting your life. Something that over 3 million people worldwide have already discovered.
If you would like any more information or would like a FREE Invisalign assessment, call the practice on 0161 9803485 and we will be happy to help.

Last updated on 17 October 2016.

Airflow Stain Removal


Do you have heavy tooth staining from long term smoking?
Don't miss out on our ‎Stoptober offer of a gentle thorough clean using our Airflow system.
Now only £50*
Speak to your dentist or call the practice today!


Airflow uses a spray of air, polishing powder and a gentle stream of water to remove surface stains caused by tobacco, food and drinks etc. Air flow is kind to the tooth surface and you will immediately see and feel a difference.

*Offer available during October and subject to suitability.

Last updated on 27 October 2015.

Patient Survey 2016


We recently carried out another patient survey, around patient experience and our services.

We are pleased to share the results and encourage you to share your own experiences of your visits to the practice.

Associated document

Pt survey analysis 2016.docx (.docx, 336.25 KB)

Last updated on 21 February 2017.

Teeth Whitening


Zoom! Teeth Whitening is now available.

Up to 6 shades whiter in 1 hour. We also make whitening trays on site. No more waiting 1 week for lab turnaround.

We offer FREE whitening consulations at convenient times to suit you.

To book an appointment or more information about any offers available, please call the practice on 0161 9803485.

Last updated on 11 March 2015.

National Smile Month


In a nutshell, National Smile Month is the UK’s largest and longest-running oral health campaign.

Together, with thousands of individuals and organisations, National Smile Month promotes three key messages, all of which go a long way in helping us develop and maintain a healthy mouth. They are:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and on at least one other occasion with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

The aim of National Smile Month is to ultimately improve the UK’s oral health. Organised by oral health charity, the British Dental Health Foundation, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of important health issues, and make a positive difference to the oral health of millions of people throughout the UK.

With the help and enthusiasm of those who are passionate about health and wellbeing, National Smile Month 2015 will see hundreds of events and activities up and down the UK educate and engage local communities about the importance of a healthy mouth.

In 2015, the campaign will take place between May 18 and June 18, encourages all dental and health professionals, schools, pharmacies, community groups, colleagues and workplaces – in fact anyone with an interest in good oral healthcare, to join in and help us educate, motivate and communicate positive oral health messages and improves the quality of smiles all around the UK.

But National Smile Month isn’t just about education and stressing the importance of a healthy mouth – the key to the success of the campaign is that we have lots fun doing it!

This year, Timperley Village Dental Practice are holding a raffle with some amazing prizes ro be won. We are aslo holding a toothbrush amnesty, bring your toothbrush in to the practice and we will replace it with a brand new one for free. There are also plenty of oral health goody bags to be given away.

Keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for more information.


Last updated on 27 October 2015.

Patient Survey


In July 2014, the practice undertook a patient survey to find out your thoughts and feedback on the practice and the service we deliver.

As we endeavour to meet the needs of our patients at all times, listening to patient's views is essential to providing patient orientated care and services and to assist us in improving our service whilst also maintaining the high standard of care we are proud to provide.

46 patients volunteered to complete a survey during their visit to our practice and you can view the very positive results by clicking the link.

Associated document

Pt survey analysis July 2014.docx (.docx, 138.41 KB)

Last updated on 11 March 2015.

No Smoking Day

no smoking day

Wednesday 11th March is No Smoking Day

The first No Smoking Day was in 1983. Back then there were twice as many smokers in the UK as there are today, so something’s going right. But as you will know, there’s still some way to go before we are free from smoking completely.

Over 10 million people in the UK still smoke, and around 100,000 die every year from smoking-related causes. That’s 100,000 deaths too many.

The campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation, and helps smokers who want to quit by creative a supportive environment, and by highlighting the many sources of help and advice available.

If you need support giving up or for more information, visit https://nosmokingday.org.uk/i-want-to-quit/

Last updated on 27 October 2015.

Mouth Cancer Action

mouth cancer

The Mouth Cancer Foundation (MCF) is a charity dedicated to the relief of sickness and the promotion and protection of good health among those suffering or at risk of mouth, throat and other head & neck cancers.

Working Together to Beat Mouth Cancer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Mouth Cancer Foundation was established in June 2004 to be a professional support organization dedicated to supporting people with mouth, throat and other head & neck cancer face the crisis of cancer.         

It gained charitable status (registered charity No. 1109298) in May 2005. Support, can be a vital component of the healing process for head and neck cancer patients. It can have an enormous positive impact in meeting the psychosocial needs of patients as well as preserving, restoring, and promoting physical and emotional health.

During the past three years, the MCF website has become an important source of information for oral and head and neck cancer patients who are trying to gain a better understanding of their illness and their lives. The Mouth Cancer Foundation website aims to help patients, carers and health professionals find free information on mouth cancers easily. It provides direct links to the relevant sections of existing cancer sites and includes patient experiences as well as an online support group.

Come in to the practice during the month of November for free literature and help with self assessments for mouth cancer. Or why not pop in on 19th November for Blue Wednesday and pick up a tasty blue treat and goody bag for a small donation.


Last updated on 19 November 2014.



Making October smokefree

Stoptober is a great opportunity for smokers to quit together alongside friends, family and thousands of other people.  It helps smokers to quit using a range of free resources, advice and an element of great British humour.

Evidence shows that if a smoker can go 28 days without a cigarette, they are 5 times more likely to stay permanently smoke free.  Quitting smoking can be a difficult process but successfully quitting has significant health, financial and social benefits.

Smokers will get a range of free tools including a new stop smoking pack, a 28 day mobile phone app, text support with daily updates, quitting advice and tips for coping, as well as the encouragement and support from thousands of people quitting together through social media channels.

Top British comedians including the North West’s Paddy McGuiness will also bring a touch of humour to help quitters through the challenge.

Quitting is the single best thing you can do for your health!

People who smoke are more likely to have gum disease. Smoking may change the type of bacteria in dental plaque, increasing the number of bacteria that are more harmful. It also reduces the blood flow in the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth and makes them more likely to become inflamed. Smokers’ gum disease will get worse more quickly than in people who do not smoke. Because of the reduced blood flow smokers may not get the warning symptoms of bleeding gums as much as non-smokers. Gum Disease is still the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

One of the effects of smoking is staining on the teeth due to the nicotine and tar in tobacco. It can make the teeth yellow in a very short time, and heavy smokers often complain that their teeth are almost brown after years of smoking.

Most people know that smoking can cause lung and throat cancer, but many people still don’t realise that it is one of the main causes of mouth cancer too. There are more and more new cases of mouth cancer each year, and thousands die every year from the disease.

Over 570,000 people have died in England in the last 8 years from a smoking related condition – that is 195 people each day but successfully quitting has significant health benefits straight away

Did you know….

…within 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse rate returuns to normal

…after 1 year the risk of dying from heart disease is reduced by half

…within 2 years the risk of stroke is reduced to half and within 5 years it will be the same as a none smoker

…within 10 years your risk of developing lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker

…after stopping for 15 years your risk of heart disease is similar to that of someone who has never smoked

For more information and to sign up visit smokefree.nhs.uk/stoptober or call 01942 481712 to speak to the your local stop smoking service.

Follow them on twitter @stoptober

Last updated on 29 September 2014.

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  • Children (up to the age of 18) 
  • Adults (18 and over) 
  • Adults entitled to free dental care 

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