City Health Dental - Goole

01405 752902 City Health Dental (CHCP), Goole Hospital, Woodlands Avenue , Goole, DN14 6RU

Contact details

City Health Dental - Goole

Tel: 01405 752902   Fax: 01405 752996

Address: City Health Dental (CHCP), Goole Hospital, Woodlands Avenue, Goole, DN14 6RU


Out of hours information

Telephone: 01377 208823

Hours Of Operation: Please note: this is the number for PALS who provide the same information as NHS Direct and cannot accept names for waiting lists. Please visit the Access to Services area on our website to find the contact details for your local Dental Access Centre for queries about how to get routine/ non-emergency treatment.

Out of Hours Telephone: 0845 056 8298

Details: Emergency care can be provided only to patients with severe dental and facial pain not controlled by over the counter preparations whose condition may significantly deteriorate before they can attend for treatment with a family dentist. Denture repairs are not considered an emergency.

Last updated on 28 February 2013.

Information supplied by North Yorkshire And Humber Area Team